Thursday 25 November 2010


A fellow warrior just told me he'd taken on a battle too many and spent last night in hospital.

Unlike most people, I knew there was no point in telling him to take it easy or to have a few days off. Us campaigners and foot-soldiers just will not accept that the struggles will all still be here tomorrow. We push ourselves on, fuelled by injustice and adrenaline.

Anyhow, I sent him a song I've loved forever and hearing it again made we want to post it for all my sick and disabled friends who fight so hard. So, for all the spoonies out there, I give you, Vienna.

Now, for once in your lives, do as your told!!!


  1. Sue,

    I have always liked the song, :)

    Exclusively for you, tonight's YG

    41 blue
    39 red
    10 yellow

  2. Eoin - Your predictions have been unduly pessimistic for weeks now. You were sure blues would get a boost from the CSR and even thought a 5 or 8 gap likely.
    I'm getting mystified now though. All of the polling companies are showing a Lab lead now and since the start of the coaliton, Lab have only gone up, blues have only gone down (though at a slower rate) and Libs have steadily declined too.
    Nothing seems to have really upset the trend for long and I feel that the overall picture is probably Con 38, Lab 40, Lib 12.
    What evidence is there that blues are going to go back into the lead?
    We're already seeing riots in the streets. What's more, there are more holes in blue policy than a sieve! They are teetering on the brink of being thought incompetent and all of that doesn't even take into account the frighteningly short sighted action on the economy.
    How you can think they will hold on to a lead is beyond me.
    I feel pretty clear by now that they will go down as the most incompetent, dishonest (Clegg) misguided, disaster of a government of all time.

  3. Sue,

    Let us hope you are right! :) I base a lot of my wieght of thought on YG polls. Their last six have blue averaging 40.5%. On rounding that's 41%, whcih is the same they have been getting for the last 6 months.

    In the 27 polls since the Comprehensive Spending Review, blues average 41%. So I don;t see them falling...

    Red upward climb continues it is true... Statistically, in YG at least, it is at the expense of yellow. So as rosy as it looks on paper, it doesnt remove blue's popularity as much as we would all wish that it would do.

    Sad, unfortunate, but true.

    ps.. I hope you are well! :)

  4. Sue...Your last paragraph pretty much describes the last government, the Coalition inherited a complete disaster.

  5. Ken - But they've only held power for 6 mnths!!!