Sunday 14 December 2014

Just because I'm a Hypocrite, doesn't make Me Wrong

I know I'm an inverse snob. I doubt the ability of aristocrats to run the country for the common good. Actually, that's not true. I doubt the ability of Tories to run the country for the common good. I doubt their will to and their motives too.

I think in my heart that Osborne and Cameron are privileged and arrogant and incapable of empathising with about 99.8% of their own public.

If it placates my critics at all, I know that I do this, I know that it's unreasonable and I know that it will never quite be kicked from my council estate and heavily chipped shoulder.

I also know that a long line of Labour politicians have come up through very similar backgrounds and I didn't doubt their ability to understand my life. Three of the most aristocratic of all were my very favourites.

So I'm a hypocrite.

But come on! They do absolutely nothing to confound my prejudices.

It's like they actually attempt to be as aristocratic as they possibly can.

It seems champagne quaffing has doubled since Cameron came to No. 10 B40sNCnCIAE5m6f.jpg

It's perfectly possible to google pictures of our Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mayor of London in Auber-elite Bullingdon shirt and tails.

Osborne discussed the Autumn Statement in which he wanted to return spending levels to those of 1930, from a Bentley factory.

Something that sounded like quite a good idea - the Character Innovation Fund - ended up being apparently about "instilling a military ethos" in young people. All very Dad's army.

Our Prime Minister has averaged 5 holidays a year. Whilst not even attempting to look like running the country taxes him even a little bit. (Pun intended) David-Cameron.jpg

It's just all so very depressing. I feel like I've inadvertently wandered into an Edwardian Novel. The poor laws are alive and kicking utterly trumped by about 7 of IDS favourite cruelties. We're blaming immigrants just like they do in Tressell's Ragged Trousered Philanthropist 100 years ago.

Can't we just do the 60s again instead and pretend this was just all one awful LSD trip?