Wednesday 24 November 2010

Sonnet to Chance

In life, what choices seem to crowd the way
and opportunities abound. Brief time
sheds hours and minutes come what may,
while bells for babes and brides and bodies chime.

To work or rest? To wander or remain?
With dazzling chance we dance throughout the night.
And glowing morning sparkles through the rain,
to fill the new found dawn with dewy light.

Yet none can guarantee a day of sun,
if pain and lack of hope are all we see.
When chance dissolves - through impotence undone,
the choice becomes to be or not to be.

Though neither satisfies yet both apply.
In truth I walk and breathe and yet I die.


  1. Words Shakespeare would have been proud to write.

  2. Sue,

    Nice poem, dont let it become a self fulfilling prophecy though! Keep the hope.

    Ps.. Tonite's YG exclusively for you..

    Blue 41
    Red 39
    Yellow 11

  3. Sue...I don't do wistful, but I might consider it, if you carry on like this. :-)

  4. Lol. Thanks my UKPR Blues!!
    You're very kind to support me like this, thanks. xx

    Eoin and Pam too of course.