Wednesday 3 November 2010

Can't do it.

Just can't.

Can't not eat, can't.

Too too miserable.


  1. Is there any halfway house? Garabaldi biscuits don't immediately sound suitable.... how about pureed ordinary food excluding known offenders?

    It sounds so miserable - I'll definately wave a magic wand for you if I can find one. syzygy x

  2. Nope. Just crashed and burned spectacularly. Ate "safe" foods though.
    Just heard a friend died and stuff like that on top of everything else is just too much.

  3. Hugs. They're all I got atm but they work well so have some more. BG Xx

  4. Thanks.

    Friend had diabetes. Wasn't very good at looking after himself. Died alone and was found by friends. Tragic.

  5. sue,

    how do fluid work? dairy products? ardon my ignorance

    But sending hugs!

  6. I'm supposed to have loads of Fortisips, soups and shakes. I'm OK with dairy, so that's something.

    I'm just not good at it. In all I've gone 5 days without food and in the end, liquids just slosh about and you want real food.

    The choice is - don't eat, drink miserable high cal "shakes" or ask the doctor for some more drugs and eat what I like.

    I think the idea is that liquids give the bowel a chance to rest a bit. If I still feel rubbish, there's likely to be a blockage. Well, I felt rubbish, I was grumpy as hell AND I was hungry. Then we heard a very close friend had died and I thought WTF.

  7. Can't imagine how bloody awful that must be. My other half had an operation last year to remove part of her tongue following a tumour. She wasn't able to eat any solids for a totally different reason of course, but it nearly drove her mad and me with her. I can only wish you the strength that you obviously need and hope that things get better for you soon.

  8. Sue,

    Have you been given a date for your new operation yet?

  9. It's up to me Eoin!! When I choose to give up, I can be admitted if I want.
    So, do I limp on, put on a brave face over Xmas, or do I give in now and face the impossible?
    I need time to arrange childcare, finances, Dave's work. If I can do all that in, say, two weeks, can I be in, tests done, op scheduled and completed without missing Xmas? Xmas is not an option, my kids hearts would break. (And so, therefore, would mine and Dave's)

    **I hope everyone reads the comments, cos that's tomorrow's blog, right there!!

  10. what people have to remember is that any form of stress will bring about my downfall in not being able to eat or drink as i suffer with severe nausea and sickness and if sue is stressed she to will be in queer street make no mistake about it and correct me if I'm wrong sue

    Having been a st marks patient since 1976 under sir Alan Parks at the time there's not much i don't know about the bowel