Sunday 7 November 2010

Compass Report into ESA assessments.

Normally, I would link to this in the Interesting Articles area on the right, but it's so interesting, I thought I'd give it it's own space.
Thanks to for linking my Douglas Alexander post and therefore leading me to find it.

Well worth a read


  1. Hi Sue
    Saddening and maddening. It is shameful that this sort of injustice happened under Labour as well as Cons.

    I tried to visit the petition site but it was down. I will try again.

    Best Wishes

    Colin46 (Cozmo)

  2. THis is certainly worrying.

    Presumably the scale of appeals will ring the alarm bells.

    They need to react to them & adjust quickly.


    This gives you the information about what the test are.

    Now without cheating I've gone through the test and I ended up with 88 points not forgetting I only need 15 points.