Sunday 7 November 2010


A friend from Facebook  Peter Lockhart) designed this petition last night,

He was so motivated to help and wanted to keep momentum going after the tremendous success of yesterday's post that he took the time to write the preamble and put together the petition.

I know lots of you have been posting this site all over the place and I already have so many incredible supporters, so please, do sign Peter's petition and ask all your friends to as well.

Simply copy and paste the address into your browser.


While I'm at it, an enormous and humbled thank you to everyone who has helped me to spread the word about this site and the reality of living with a disability or chronic illness.

It's already had tens of thousands of views and if we keep working, we really might be able to make a difference.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Done Fourbanks. Thanks very much, I'll drop you an email soon.
    If it slips my mind, just give me a nudge in the comments - what with getting ready for hospital etc, I might be a bit absent minded.

    There are lots of us now, inspired enough to do something, all working away to change things. There won't be an MP or a journalist in the country soon who hasn't had an email about this.
    Well done for fighting Fourbanks!!

  2. Good luck at the hospital sue and hopefully hear from you when your up to it

    warm regards