Sunday 21 November 2010


Having just caught up with the comments on my blog after I posted the last update, I see that many of you were worried and I'm so sorry I couldn't let you know I was safe.

Next time, I'll make sure that Dave keeps you informed.

Thank you so much for all the kind comments, and I'm so sorry again that you were all worried.


  1. Sorry that you've had such a horrible time.

    I thought it was a bad idea when they sent you home ... but anybody would completely understand why you wanted to go.

    Thing is was the priority your sanity/well-being, or was it that they needed your bed?

    My knee-jerk reaction (that sending you home was a bad idea) is not simply over-identification with your mother but also hearing the same type of story with my friends, clients and relatives...

    I'm so glad that it was not more damaging to you than it seems to have been. Take it easy.

    Syzygy Sue x

  2. Hope your OK sue it's a pity i don't live near you as i to do get worried about you but then that's quite normal for sick people to band together
    Don't forget to email me sometime when your feeling up to it
    take care

  3. Hope you feel better, get an answer and are able to go home soon. I couldn't imagine being in hospital it would drive me crazy! can't stand them but I feel sometimes I would be better in hospital and getting treatment. Thinking of you xxxx

  4. Get well soon Sue. It was great to hear that you are feeling better! The wee'uns can write those Santa letters in safe knowledge mummy will be there on Xmas day to open their presents with them!

    I love Christmas :) :)