Sunday 21 November 2010

Back at last!

Well, things got a bit bleak there for a while.

You probably remember from my last few posts, that the hospital doctors thought it might be nicer for me to spend a few days back at home with my family while I waited for the MRI scan.

My saintly husband drove all the way to Addenbrookes after he finished work and drove me the 130 miles home. By the time I got back I felt terribly nauseous, despite the medications and by midnight I started to vomit. I was sick every twenty minutes or so all through that first night and all through the next day. By that evening I was practically delirious, and I couldn't get out of bed, let alone down the stairs.

I spent all of the next day in bed, unable to get down the stairs, too weak to even have a wash.

My husband phoned the hospital, frightened that my bowel might be totally obstructed and dangerous, so they told him to bring me back. The problem was, my bed had of course been filled and there is no bed manager over the weekend. All I could do was go to A&E and they would admit me from there.

So, here I am, back in a hospital bed, feeling a million times better than I have for the past few days.

You always know you're really sick when you're actually glad to be an in-patient!!


  1. Yeeeeehhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    I am happy to hear you are well!

  2. Hi Sue, it's lovely that you're back, and what's more, feeling a lot better. But, I'll only consider you fully rehabilitated when you join us Blues....! :-)

  3. So glad to hear you're doing ok now...sounds like a very traumatic loan from the spoon bank you had to take out there!
    You've been missed, BG Xx

  4. Sue, so please and relieved to hear you're back. We were all worried!
    It has just struck me that your soap opera and this blog has almost made you a sort of guinea pig to show the results of the underfunding and cuts of our beloved NHS. But I know you are just one of so many. I hope you get much better soon.

  5. Poor you (and yours). Hope you're on the up now...Sue

  6. What a pity you weren't able to enjoy some time at home. Waiting over a weekend for an MRI scan is scandalous. I once needed an MRI for a far less urgent reason and had to either wait eighteen months for NHS or go privately. They fitted me in privately within a week! Same machine, same hospital, same doctors - but money talks - even under a Labour administration!

  7. Thank you all so much. xxxx
    I went on to post a special "Thank You" post all of it's own, but just in case you don't see it, you're all very constant allies!!

  8. :) Good to see you up and about Sue :)