Friday 26 November 2010

Friday's Toast

My gastro team are in the news!

Look, there's Dr Parkes, one of my consultants :

The team here have been at the very forefront of global genetic research into inflammatory bowel disease. They are looking at medicine in an entirely new way and were one of the first teams to foresee how vital genetic medicine would become.

Tonight, if you will, raise a glass to Miles Parkes, Stephen Middleton, John Hunter, Francesca Bredin and Alison Nightingale. (Yes, really and no, her name isn't Florence)


  1. Hi Sue.....They have a link to PALS, seems as though they want feedback, you've got plenty for them. :-)

  2. Good for the boffins, any excuse to raise my glass is welcomed.

    Going back to pain (sorry)

    I was told that modern methods of palliative treatment are designed to make the patient heal quicker, it having been discovered that it works.

    I assume thus that the reverse is true and for patients for whom no cure is on the horizon, continued pain will not help their life expectancy.

    SO I desparately hope that a better pain killer, that is also safe-ish, is discovered for you.

    I can't think of anything else sensible to say (my problem as usual).

  3. There you are Sue, plenty of research in universities and in the NHS.
    They're on your side really...
    I like the Nightingale, maybe it is her middle name?