Tuesday 23 November 2010

Tonight's Toast....

After a horrendous day, the night shift are gorgeous.

One just stopped for a chat and really empathised, another offered me a cup of tea!!

Raise your glasses please, to Alison and Natalie.


  1. Sue... They've been reading your blog...the word is out, ' Free the Addenbrookes one' :-)

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  3. Well cheers to the night team, but three cheers to you, Sue.
    I am awake in the middle of the night, work anxieties and an over active mind, and reading your blog.
    Tried to post here before but the CAPCHTes kept playing tricks, one was WARDCEL , another GLOVE... And I lost the post.

    Whenever I read about the horrors of being in hospital, I am reminded of how much I hated it myself, and I wasn't even Ill . The lack of dignity, individuality, respect, being called dear or poppet, and being regarded as brainless.
    As you mentioned in an earlier post, things have improved since then.

    I am also reminded of conversations with my daughter,a midwife, who is frequently frustrated that she has no time to spend comforting her ladies, and chatting with them which is what she wants to do, and how much a difference that would be. but she can't because she has so many tasks to do, to ensure paperwork is in place so patents can go home, drugs booked. Things the student midwives can't do. There is a chronic shortage of midwives, many qualified midwives frightened out of the profession because of fear that shortage and underfunding could make them personally liable if something awful went wrong.
    My daughter is a good midwife, but she needs time and support to do her job.

    Our NHS is precious, we have been proud of it. We need to protect it and where it is failing we need to cure it, nurse it and make it better.
    We must make sure there is enough staff and train them and pay them well. we must consult regularly with patients, we must make sure no ones suffers pain and indignity.
    What you are doing is reaching out to people out in cyberspace and letting them know what the NHS staff know all too well already, they are understaffed and do not have enough time to do their jobs and spend more time with their patients.
    I hope this leads to change.
    Cheers night staff, must be a quiet night tonight...

  4. To Alison and Natalie. and well said Pam

  5. Hello Sue (woodsman from ukpr, hope you saw my first comment a while back) hope you've had a quiet night.

    Your 'There's no such word as Can't" post was so harrowing and brilliantly honest.

    Another Sue has commented recently - do you not have a Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Consultant for Pain assigned to you? My partner used to be one of these people. Their job is provide a multi-modal, individualised pain management plan for any patient that is referred to them (they do have to cover a whole hospital tho!) I hesitate to mention it - you seem the type of person who'd have their finger on the pulse of everything that was available - but they might be able to provide some care and structure to what currently appears a chaotic and uncaring scenario.

    Hope this is of help x

  6. Dear Sue,

    How are things today? I do hope your well. I am afraid my experience of the NHS is so little that all I have to offer is a pray or two... I hope they help.

  7. Sue

    Have you seen the outcome of the Harrington Report; his recommendations , & Grayling's response ?

    You should be pleased :-)

  8. Hi Sue...Has anyone at the hospital mentioned your blog ? Were the management to become aware of it, their reaction would be interesting. Do they know of your huge and enthusiastic following ? Do they know that it includes politicians ? I wonder ! Up the Blues. :-)

  9. Hi Guys - Colin, I did see the Harrington report and I was very, very pleased. I liked the tone of it and thought Chris Grayling was very fair to say he accepted all of it.

    Let's hope it improves things.

    Ken - Some of the nurses know and they haven't upped their game, lol.