Sunday 28 November 2010


Sitting in my hossie bed, contemplating pyjamas, a ladybird just landed on my head and then flew down to settle on my stomach.

It's minus three outside and inside is one of the most sterile, bug free environments possible!!!


A quick Google tells me they are a very good omen in every culture.

Little sparks of magic often happen when I'm in hospital. 

I like them very much.


  1. Sue,

    Did you know there was a plague of ladybirds in 1984-5. It was considered bad because they ate all the lettuce.

    YOu have a choice, lots of lettuce? or lots of ladybirds?

    Personally, I'd prefer the ladybirds! :) :)

  2. I remember such a plague of ladybirds in Weston; the beach was covered. The poor things were starving and forced to dive and drown in our garden pond. Must have been later than 84-85 as we weren't here then.
    I think they are much nicer in smaller numbers, and Sue's was a special visitor.!

  3. Now you mention it, I do remember. We were sitting out in the garden and they all flew over like dark clouds.

  4. Eoin

    I'm sure that both Pam and I could increase your education by pointing out that Ladybirds are voracious carnivores and the aphid's worst enemy.

    Perhaps the plague of ladybirds was the influx to eat the plague of aphids preying on the lettuces :).

    We have millions of Harlequin ladybirds here - makes me almost xenophobic!

  5. lol lol Syzygy!

    You know I am wholly ignorant of the animal kingdom in every way!

    What for example is an aphid?

  6. Eoin

    A little green insect that eats plants by plugging into the plant's sap vessel. The flow of sap is too much for the aphid to consume all of it so the excess is passed out of the aphid and drops onto lower leaves as honeydew ... a form of honeydew was (I believe I'm correct) the real manna from heaven.

  7. Eoin.... Do you have a garden, ever heard of greenfly?
    Interesting animals aphids.

  8. Pam

    You are right - I was surprised by how much that I would be able to say about aphids ... Had to hold myself back from giving too much information.

  9. Pam,

    lol my garden is something I have to walk through to get ot the get; most inconvenient :)

    Thansk for the explanation on Aphids....


    A plant's sap vessel reads to me like gobblygook I am afraid. But thanks for shedding some light upon ym ignorance