Tuesday 9 November 2010

And so it begins.

What is it now 5 months of a Tory government? (I won't even bother with the "coalition" bit - that's not what we've got)

Over the years, I've got to know my bowel "team" very well indeed and they know me too.

We have an unwritten code : I stay out of hospital until I'm on my knees, they admit me when I say it's time. ("time" meaning, "OK, this is probably getting a bit dangerous now")

I tell them where the strictures/blockages are, they do a cursory test or two to confirm, then the surgeon does his stuff and we save the NHS a few grand in wasted tests and bed space - every one a winner.

Well, for the first time in over a decade, a very harassed consultant nurse phoned me a few minutes ago - that's right, well past 7.30pm - to tell me there's no bed as yet!! The hospital is on "Black alert." Cuts have meant cancelling agency staff. I joked that it was a bit too soon to blame the government, but in her words, "We're in a terrible mess here already. For a good hospital like ours - a flagship hospital - it's terrifying."

So thank you all those who voted Conservative (and by proxy, the poor misled voters who voted LibDem) There was never any doubt in my mind whatsoever that this would happen, I just didn't think it would be this quick. Anyone who thinks I'm simply seeing things through those comfy old rose-tinted specs is more than welcome to meet me back here in 5 years time, (probably  an op or two down the line for me) when it won't just be regulars like me who are affected, but all of you.....unless of course you've got a few grand spare to pay.


  1. Unfortunately it can only get worse Sue, my sympathy lies with you and all others who have to rely on the NHS.

  2. Unfortunately managers don't tend to sack themselves. My mother has worked in the NHS for over 30 yrs and voted Conservative because she is a frontline worker and the NHS is completely top heavy with managers.

    The hospital she works in for example, which serves a large town and district, has 5 bed managers where there used to be one. It doesn't need 5.

    Labour practised a job creation scheme for the middle classes. Employing 4 people where the job could be done by one and overloading the system with paperwork which also meant more nice, well paid fake jobs.

    It is definitely far too early to blame the coalition for anything that's going wrong in the NHS.

  3. why does what you say matter if the care improved? If the experience was better for the patient, isn't that all that matters?

    Why wouldn't you believe a consultant sister if she says cuts are hurting her hospital - nurses on the wards, not managers?

  4. When I was in hospital in 1995 one day, there was just one student nurse looking after 32 patients.

    The last time I was in there were always 2 sisters, 4 staff nurses and a selection or health assistants.

  5. I think far too many people have fallen for the government line about spending on health being 'ring fenced', whilst the total spending may have been protected at least £3bn is going to be spent on a totally unnecessary reorganisation. Where does this money come from if not from the budgets of hospitals?

  6. a frightening sign of what can only get worse with Tories. Hope things get sorted for you soon Sue.

  7. I had 3 heart attacks, followed by angioplasty and then had ongoing problems to do with my cholestrol levels. I tried working for the first 2 years but last year soon after joining a new company my health went down and as a result while I was sick they dismissed me for not being upto standard to their needs. My condition deterioted further and eventually I was depressed at which point I went to my doctor. I have been having side effects from medications as I am on a lot of them and have had bowel and incontinence problems and now its been discovered I have enlarged prostate glands. The Atos medical only gave me 12 points, 6 for incontinence although I stated this was frequent and 6 for my inability to deal with people as a result of my severe depression. Atos also lowered my medical dosage and stated both my heart condition and depression were mild. I have asked for redecision and even got letters from my doctor stating my background as having had a heart attack, as well as severe depression and being on a lot of medications but this has been ignored. Even my DLA application was turned down using my ESA medical which is on appeal.
    After paying 40% tax into the system for years and years I find the system has let me down when I needed the most. Its been 10 months of running about and nothing has come of it except more stress and worsening of my condition.

  8. Jamal - an all too familiar story, I'm so sorry you've had to suffer like this.
    Do you mind if I send your story to http://thebrokenofbritain.blogspot.com/
    They are collecting stories like ours to present to politicians.