Thursday 11 November 2010

Day 1

**While I'm in hospital, I'll probably post much more. I've always wanted to be able to convey the frustrations, brilliance and terror of a long term hospital stay, and this finally gives me a chance.

For the next few weeks, I'll try to give a full picture of what goes on. In particular, I want to point out areas where things have improved and areas where I think simple changes to the NHS could save millions or make the system work better for the patients.

Treat my site as more of a soap opera for the next week or two. If I write about anything else, it will have a title, otherwise posts will just appear under Day1, Day 2 etc. (You might just want to check up at the end of the day, so that you get each instalment in a more coherent chunk.)

So, not the best of starts, but definitely not the worst.

It took two hours for the doctor to come and see me and do her admission notes. She was very good though - spoke to me like an equal and asked good, thorough questions. She'd even read through my notes a bit beforehand. (Might sound obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many don't!)

There was the usual confusion over my meds - none on the ward, pharmacy wouldn't be able to send any up until evening. (and that was apparently "fast tracked"!) Then a mad flurry when I explained evening was too long, then the injection came, but without the anti-sickness part - all the usual stuff.

In a day or two we will be much more used to each other and this will all settle down. I will slow down and get used to the institutionalised nature of everything.

Lunch was yummy by the way - all cooked fresh and tasty!


  1. I complained about med problems last time I was in hospital and discovered that there was a facility for doing and marking down my own meds. I was already used to doing my meds so it wasn't a problem. I wonder if they have the same facility at your hospital? This was the meds I bought in with me, plus extra meds they prescribed while I was there. This was UK NHS.

  2. Organised Pauper - I explained on the previous thread that I do already self administer most of my drugs, but the painkillers aren't included as they are a controlled drug.
    Ironically, the one I need the most is the one I'm not allowed to do myself.

  3. i'm sorry to hear your in hospital, hope things improve soon for you. xxx

  4. Hi Sue....Seems as though you've got things, more-or-less, under control....I hope your breakfast is as good as your lunch was. Nighty night. <3

  5. Read your horror at the Channel 4 Durkin documentary at UKPR - thought you might like Richard Murphy's comments.

    Syzygy Sue x

  6. Good luck on your stay, I hope it goes well for you!