Saturday 26 February 2011

Will we EVER have another slow news day?

Yesterday so much was going on it went almost totally unreported that the Pope is to be taken to the International Court of Human Rights for crimes against humanity!!!

This was a day much like any other day lately where :

-Libya descended into civil war, joining the rest of the Middle East in a dramatic uprising of the people
-The UK government were punched black and blue over a failure to get UK nationals out of danger and home from Libya quickly enough
-The GDP figures that so shocked the "experts" were revised down still further to -0.6% from -0.5%
-New Zealand is reeling from a terrible earthquake
-Ireland went to the polls to cast judgement on a government that has presided over the destruction of their economy
-The NHS, Welfare System, Schools, Libraries, Hospices, Legal Aid, Justice, Policing, Prisons, Universities and anything else I forgot to list were under attack (just like every day since May 11th)

Given all of that, I suppose it's not surprising that a challenge to the very heart of Catholicism might be squeezed out.

Still, thank goodness time was found to report on Ms Kate Middleton's first Royal Engagement eh?
Apparently she was :
"picture-perfect as she stepped out with Prince William for their first official royal engagement.... Kate donned a chocolate-trimmed camel coat, with matching tights and black ankle boots, all topped off with a gorgeous fascinator by Philip Treacy, the man she's asked to create headwear for the royal wedding party."
It's a mad old world at the moment eh?


  1. I am so firmly cynical that whenever there is a Royal story headlined in the news I think 'What are 'they' hiding now?'

    The way that certain States in the US are treating unions and strikers is probably the worst thing - imo - that is being hidden at the moment. The sort of propaganda that is being churned out against strikers in Wisconsin can be read here:
    I fear it won't be long before we are reading similar stuff in our right wing press about our unions.

  2. Ugh I cant stand seeing that smarmy mans face looking at me when i come here he makes me sick

    Also - To err is human - and yet they can err and nothing happens - we err and they fine us up to £300 which would possibly mean a family wont eat - So much for child poverty and helping people - This Goverment stink!

  3. I know. I think I'll take him down soon. (Hopefully literally AND metaphorically!!)