Monday 21 February 2011

Cameron Pretending to be Common

It's a depressing news day people.

So depressing, I'm thinking of "supporting the economy" a little in M&S food hall and Primark.

To cheer you up - today is a day when I fear you will need it - just click on the link below. Lots of very funny pictures and captions of Cameron with plebs, trying to be "common"



  1. The last picture would have been more authentic if there had been some broken playground equipment, a ruined skateboard ramp some bottles of Buckfast and a couple of tins of Tennants super lying about. A dirty burn with an old shopping trolley would have been the icing on the cake

  2. That stuff is hilarious, and I'm not even from England!

  3. In other news Mr Mundell has replied to me. I'm putting together a response drawing on every Broken Britain resource I can scrape up.

  4. Problem with photo's of course, they can be good and bad, I noticed a few labour party sites showing Caddafi shaking hands with Blair, also showing the palace in Egypt that Blair stayed for his holiday.

    Photo are used to tell a Sorry, Cameron looking like he wants to look, and Blair wishing he not bothered.

  5. Sue, just to let you know that I am posting comparative charts on MPs on my blogspot - Malcolm from Over the Pond.

    My research is not complete. The posts are interim as I intend to follow up with emails to those MPs who have provided little or no public information.

    The latest post deals with Secondary Education; it is fascinating to compare the LibDem and Tory profiles.

    Hope you find the comparisons helpful. Cameron, incidentally, missed out on the chance to go to his local comp; poor boy finished up at Eton instead.

  6. Think positive - the Libyans might grab him and keep him

    Read my blog at


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