Thursday 10 February 2011

What DLA means to me....

Just wanted to share this lovely Scope campaign featured in the Guardian yesterday.

Photos of disabled people with short captions explaining why DLA helps them.

Do click, It's really worth a look.

As they say - a picture speaks a thousand words.


  1. I haven't visited you for a while, hello again. I actually found the 12 caption lacking in coherent message as the money was spent on different things apparently. Do the transport users not eat? (Etc).
    I think the sums have to be laid out clearly so that ignorami like I can make a value judgement about the issue. No anecdotes, just statistical analysis. Hard perhaps for your immense following to read (pleased about that) but I hope useful advice.

  2. Pleased, that is, about the following not the possible callous nature of my post

  3. Howard - I've bashed the statistics out day in and day out. I couldn't list them more if I tried, lol.

    Sometimes though, just for once, a picture tells a thousand words. :)

  4. Hello by the way. As ever, you're right and a statistical black and whiter is now germinating.
    Bet you're watching Mubarak (or lack of him) now though and loving every minute xx

  5. I think it needs to go along withn the chaining to the railngs in Parliament Square. Somehow a wider public need to be reached than the Guardian readership, that's all I was saying. You've got a new thread going, but to answer your question i did not watch the waiting throng as i had a sense of a fizzle but now you will say I'm a know all, I'll just say that Hitler was planning to deploy more divisions when the Russians were a few metres from the bunker. It's what they do.


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