Friday 25 February 2011

Other Tory Gaffs

The latest Tory "gaffe" in calling some protesters "Retards" made me search under "Tory Gaffes" on Google. My laptop nearly blew up!! Here's just a tiny selection.

In the name of all that is holy HOW do these people get elected???

Alan Duncan who "joked" about murdering a beauty queen on Have I got News For You?

Or Rory Stewart MP Who said his constituents were "yokels" who held their trousers up with string?

Or the two Tory councillors suspended just days before the election for racist comments

Or David Davies calling ethnic communities medieval

In fact, there are so many racist gaffes, I'll just post this compilation here

Under sexism, we have this Welsh Tory candidate's sexist comments on Facebook

You know what, I've lost the will to live, but before I give up (you get the gist)

The gaffiest gaffe of all. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you David Cameron on Gay Rights :


  1. Thx for the above. Was feeling quite sorry for myself today a little bit poorly. Nearly bust a gut with laughter after reading your post tho.

    Thx youve really cheered me up.
    Gonna link and twitter this one!

  2. awww your link has made me laugh so very much. Where the fuck do these people come from???!!!



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