Monday 14 February 2011

Project V (#Projv)

I've just got back from a romantic day trip with Dave.

Yep, we got to take a 260 mile round trip to Addenbrookes in Cambridge for my post op check. What's more, in an almost unbelievable bit of NHS organisation they managed to schedule a bone density scan (for the osteoporosis) and an ultrasound (for my gall bladder pain) and a consultant appointment ALL ON THE SAME DAY!!!!!!

I know, it's too much.

Nadine Dorries please note : Yes, all that tweeting was from the car on the way to a hossie appointment. my eyes are strained and my iphone went black-screen-of-death in protest just as Lancing college came into view.

Nonetheless, if any of you haven't checked out the #Projv hashtag on twitter you really should. "Tweet Stories" from countless sick and disabled people explaining why DLA is vital to their dignity, quality of life and survival. It's had phenomenal support with slebs and politicians joining us sickies to tweet in support. Still, not as important as Justin Bieber's latest hairstyle obviously, as we aren't quite trending, but an amazing campaign.

A MASSIVE congrats to Broken of Britain who again dreamed this up and go on!! If you've never tweeted, try one in solidarity of sick and disabled people everywhere using #Projv after your tweet.

Why #Projv? Because our massive hearted coalition chose today, Valentines Day, to end the consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) cuts that (amongst other sickening cuts) will leave the most disabled without power wheelchairs or transport. . In fact the deadline has been extended until Thursday, but we're only a bunch or sickies and they didn't announce the change til Friday, so hey! A good campaign idea is a good campaign idea. So Project Valentine it is. But unless our hearts - and lives - are to be truly broken, we need you all.

Have a tweet!! Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on. You know you want to ;)



  1. Since they came to power this government have targeted disabled people with a passion. Attacks on the Disability Living Allowance and the Work Capability Assessment being only two of the more insidious approaches Duncan Smith has taken to attack a sector of our society.

    Work Choice again was supposed to be a supportive structure to allow disabled people the chance to go back to work. Instead it will work alongside Work Programme as a mechanism to force people off benefit.

    So much for "Caring Conservativism"!

    Read my blog at

  2. In fairness to Justin Bieber, I was very intrigued that someone cast him as a possibly sinister member of one of those odd US right-wing breakaway groups in the season opener of "CSI".

  3. Sue, you were a trooper yesterday! I'm sure you feel like you've been hit by a truck today, but thank you for it all. You and BoB are inspirational!

    PS: from one gallbladder sufferer to another, I hope things are improving!

  4. gherkingirl - 6 trucks!! Can't pick up stuff from floor, can't THINK about cooking dinner. How ironic that just when you're poorest because you're ill, you have no choice but to buy in food which is more expensive. Unless Mr Fish and Mr Chips make dinner tonight, we'll have to find some biscuits somewhere.....

    Gallbladder update = all was fine!! Obviously just another unexplained suey body failure. Nice scan man did say I could have been passing stone at the time, but who knows? As long as it doesn't hurt like that again, we'll all be fine ;)

  5. Well done, Addenbrookes! Thank you for looking after our Sue properly :-)

    Sue: thanks for all the inspiration and thanks for visiting my blog - rather hoping that Mr Fish and Mr Chip DID feed you last night, could fancy that myself...


  6. Ooh - NHS double (or treble, in Sue's case!) booking you? Not communicating with other departments? Failing to sharing data between colleagues?

    No matter how much money you give the NHS, it will always be hindered by the '"administrative incompetence' of the staff and the systems they have in place. :/

    PS: I also have a bone density scan next week. yay!


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