Sunday 20 February 2011

Some amazing stuff

I read a few great article this week.

If, like me, you like reading forget-to-blink exposes, then these next five should give you a great hour curled up with a cuppa. Enjoy!

This is simply, deliciously, shocking. My good friend at The Green Benches, Eoin Clarke, posted this eye popping set of data on Lib Dem diversity. (Or lack of) Just WAIT til you get to the diversity chart.... (**Labour and Conservative charts now available on February archive too.) This letter was written for any GP concerned about plans to transfer most of the NHS budget over to them. It is available for them to send to their patients and explains in such clear terms why it is a change that could hurt them - the patient.

This is yet another brilliant depiction of how being sick or disabled can happen to anyone at any time.

Monbiot yet again, exposes a bit of corporate tax evasion so shocking, I swear you'll gasp out loud - actually gasp.

If you want to see a forensic dissection of a government bill, then this from Broken of Britain proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that there are some incredibly well informed campaigns in the fight against cuts to sickness and disability care. It would be a great mistake for ministers such as Maria Miller to carry on believing that "concerns {that} are based on a lack of detailed information of what we are talking about in terms of our reforms. People need to get the facts rather than speculation," she says. "The anxiety can often be based on the fact that we are dealing with very complex benefits"

Maybe politicians really are going to have to consider a new politics, because, there really is nowhere to hide from cyber-warriors. Nice work.

UPDATE : Just remembered data from Eoin's Green Benches charts (No.1) collated by    

So sorry for the lack of credit malcolm 


  1. The 5 Howlers made by the Guardian reporting Barclay's tax.

  2. Nice to see the left of politics in this country finally finding it's feet on the blog front.

  3. Sue,

    Thanks for the mention, very kind of you indeed!

  4. On a similar track I recently did some research on the educational backgrounds of front bench politicians.


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