Friday 25 February 2011


Just a quickie.

John Fareham, Hull City Tory councillor called a group of protesters "Retards" on twitter yesterday.

Hahah, I hear you snort, typical Tory.

Yup. And these are the people responsible for deciding whether sick and disabled people have a right to support, care and dignity.

Hysterical isn't it?

** Though the tweet has now been deleted, Mr Fareham later tweeted :

"I apologise unreservedly for the adjective in my earlier tweet (deleted) about the intimidation by some people. I got it wrong &I am sorry"

A little incongruously however, the tweet before reads :

"Labour happy for tories to be called "scum" "shites" etc but cry when they get it back"

Jars a little with his repentance, no?


  1. Well personally I wouldn't call the Tories scum or shites.... I'd go with Aneurin Bevan who called them 'vermin.'
    But that's just my personal opinion, of course. ;-)

  2. I'm from Hull.. that's pretty par for the course here as far as gov attitudes in general esp to the public, its shocking how badly managed our affairs are here, 'innit'