Tuesday 1 February 2011

Roll Call of Shame

So, the Health and Social Care bill passed by 235 "Noes" to 321 "Ayes"

My first thought? Where were the other 94?

Stuck in traffic? Man flu? The wrong kind of snow? This is possibly one of the most important pieces of legislation we will see - certainly this parliament, but possibly this generation, how dare they not even vote?

Obviously, as a leftie, I'm delighted to find that of a possible 364 ConDem total, 43 had the decency to abstain (or were too trolleyed to sway away from the bar or stayed in bed, whatever.)

As a leftie however, I'm absolutely disgusted - spitting with rage in fact - to find that 25 Labour MPs abstained or were absent. 

Here is the list of shame. I hope beyond hope that if you live in their constituencies you will be making an appointment for their next surgery and asking in very clear terms what on earth was more important than protecting the NHS. No, I don't know individual reasons, no I'm not dorky enough to know that one or two may have excellent reasons, but I can tell you now, despite a double amputation and recent beheading, I'd have been in that chamber, exercising my democratic right on behalf of the people that voted for me. If not over saving the NHS, exactly when might they turn up for work and remind me exactly why we pay them?

Heidi Alexander, LAB
Graham Allen, LAB
Clive Betts, LAB
Gordon Brown, LAB (????)
Simon Danczuk, LAB
Ian Davidson, LAB
Bill Esterson, LAB
Paul Farrelly, LAB
Roger Godsiff, LAB
Tom Greatrex, LAB
Fabian Hamilton, LAB
David Heyes, LAB
Jimmy Hood, LAB
Lindsay Hoyle, LAB
Eric Illsley, LAB
Sian James, LAB
Susan Elan Jones, LAB
Alan Keen, LAB
Andrew Love, LAB
Madeleine Moon, LAB
Jessica Morden, LAB
Meg Munn, LAB
Dawn Primarolo, LAB
Linda Riordan, LAB
John Robertson, LAB

Other info available here

Just to weed out the snippets however, Mr Nicholas Clegg abstained or was absent (though possibly only because he now apparently leaves work at 3pm??)

Other Libs with cajones who didn't vote "Aye" for whatever reason : Andrew George, Stephen Gilbert, Mike Hancock, Martin Horwood, Charles Kennedy, John Pugh, Jo Swinson, Mark Williams.

Finally are these percentages really good enough on a bill this important? If most of us didn't turn up for work we'd be sacked - surely £65,738 a year is enough to care about the NHS even if you don't already?

Con274 (+1 tell)0089.9%
Lab0231 (+2 tell)090.3%
LDem47 (+1 tell)0084.2%


  1. I looked at Nadine Dorries' voting record. The people who run the blog say voting isn't the most important thing an MP can do, but I think she must be spending too much time on sunbeds.

    Her attendance record on the Science and whatever committee is 2%, did she not even realise she was on it?

  2. Heidi Alexander is my MP.

    We've been in correspondance over the DLA stuff, I'll definitely be emailing her about this. I hope to get to the next MP's surgery, too.

  3. Apparently they can be "paired" so Ayes cancel out Noes and they don't have to turn up. Sorry, but over healthcare, I want to see 100% Lab attendance, whatever the "procedure" is. If my Lab MP hadn't been there, I'd have been horrified.

  4. Am I cynical in thinking that the Tories who 'abstained' didn't want to vote Aye but didn't have the guts to vote No?

    Thanks for this Sue, very enlightening. I'm unsurprised to find that my MP voted for it. As did every other MP in the Dorset region, including the LibDem Annette Brooke. I'm disappointed in her

  5. Did you read about the "pairing" above Hellsbells?

    Doesn't make me feel much better, but at least it means it was planned laziness.

  6. I try to keep certain personal data out of my blog life, but I am at liberty to disclose that I will almost certainly find that my MP and I do not see eye to eye on this. That usually happens. To me, the very fact he is said to "represent me" is a telling argument for PR (which he opposes).

  7. When you allow for pairing the real shame is the 47 LD MPs voting in favour of this blatantly pay back the donators bill. The LDs did'nt even see any substantial donations from the private Health care providers, so are selling their souls for the tories to pocket the gold.

  8. Eric Ilsley is in process of standing down over expenses and he's an independent since his expense stuff came out and Labour removed him.

    I would've expected much better from Gordon Brosn though.

  9. Gordon Brown... duh.

  10. MP's often pair up on bills. It means they have time to do other (hopefully) important things.

    Basically because there had been (oddly) no noise about a LibDem rebellion it meant that the Coalition was definitely going to win, so there was no point forcing every Labour or other MP to turn up. They only bother with that when they think there's a chance they might beat the government.

  11. I weep, but not at your blog, it's the best political writing and airing and you write with such humour too. Amazing, thanks!

  12. This is not one fr pairing . If they cannot oppose this, they shold not stand with a Labour ticket. I think Dawn Primarolo doesn't vote deputy speaker.

  13. my mp didnt go , i'm sickened. Always knew she was a waste of time but this is ridiculous

  14. Stephen, It might just be I posted in rage to repent at leisure.
    Even so, I agree with Pam. This was NOT one for pairing. I don't care about the bill being unwinnable, I want EVERY Lab MP there, every single one, showing Nye that we CARE. About something. Anything?

  15. Oh and Stigmum, thank you very much.

  16. Both Dawn Primarolo and Lindsay Hoyle are Deputy Speakers and do not vote except to break a tie. Eric Illsley is no longer Labour - whip suspended when he was charged. Graham Allen may be ill.

    Heidi Alexander, Clive Betts, Simon Danczuk and David Heyes are all members of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee. Note that the non-Labour members of the committee were mostly absent from this vote as well, which tends to indicate the committee was together on a visit. Only two members of the committee voted (Labour's Clive Efford who made a storming anti-Tory speech, and Tory Mike Freer).


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