Saturday 22 January 2011

Week in Scrounger Land

And what a week!!

With the stunning success of One Month Before Heartbreak, Alan Johnson resigning, Coulson finally releasing his grip on No10 and Blair at the Chilcot enquiry, (again) there are lots of cyber warriors with very sore fingers.

To save you the effort, here are links to my recent favourite Diary of A Benefit Scrounger offerings. Thanks you all SOOOO much for your support and remember, please keep tweeting, sharing, posting, linking, writing to MPS and telling friends. We're on the verge of a breakthrough and together, we really can make people listen. The story of a family crushed by cuts to sickness and disability benefits. Possibly the most harrowing One Month Before Heartbreak post. A vulnerable woman who sees no option but suicide. An appeal to the newspapers and TV to help the cause of the sickest and most vulnerable. Why I grab every moment of life I can Sick and Disabled people have no-one in politics fighting for them at all. Where do you stand on the Vulnerability Spectrum? Leaning towards Gandhi or Jeremy Clarkson? Will the able-bodied stand for us? And finally, to make you chuckle, some advice on trolls for sick & disabled bloggers

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