Friday 28 January 2011

ATOS Expose

Just a quick post for all the spoonies and sickies.

I watched the quite excellent 10 O'clock Live last night. How overdue it is. A (very) funny politics show that actually manages to discuss issues seriously - quite a balancing act.

They even have "rants" - quite frankly a job I'm so overqualified for it's embarrassing. My new ambition is to take David Mitchell's slot of rant of the week.

Anyway, the point is, Lauren Laverne had a small slot "outing" SERCO, the company who seems to run just about every government contract that ATOS don't.

They even suggested a bit of direct action - they provided a link to suggesting viewers tell Nick Clegg exactly what they thought of SERCO. You see where I'm going with this don't you?

Yup, there's a comment thread

You know what to do ;)

Anyone who is concerned about ATOS, just click the link above and leave a short comment explaining what ATOS are doing to the sick and disabled, how they are incentivised, how they won the new 3 year contract, the appalling number of sick and disabled people they're finding "Fit For Work", the fact they now get to do it all over again with DLA - whichever point you feel like making. As it's a thread on SERCO, it might be an idea to start with something like "SERCO aren't the only private company acting dubiously in the government's name..." or "Thanks for highlighting this company, another you might be interested in is ATOS origin...." etc. A few simple pleas that they run the feature on ATOS would be great too.

It might be worth checking out ATOS' website - you'll notice there's no immediate information on the ESA or DLA assessments - in fact I couldn't find anything at all, though I only skimmed it. They just seem to be a nice IT company who make and operate systems.

A Channel 4 expose on ATOS, however brief, by a programme who don't give a fig what they say or who they offend could be quite a coup eh guys??

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