Wednesday 19 January 2011

Calling all Sickies...

Quick appeal for volunteers :

Do you live in the constituencies of any of these LibDem MPs?

If so, and are either a) Disabled (profoundly and physically) or b) Able bodied and good at negotiation, could you please leave a comment with details? (If you want to private message, just follow me on Twitter @suey2y or Facebook, Sue Marsh.)


If you are the constituent of a Conservative MP and fit the criteria (1 or 2) above, do please get in touch too. 


Just to say great response so far, thank you all. Many offers through FB and Twitter and already many constituencies covered. Keep asking and I promise I will reveal all in time, lol.



  1. So you are excluding those with mental illness?

    Why might that be? What do you mean by profound disability? Are you REALLY saying "Get in touch if you really look disabled - the worse the better - then you can be a good poster boy (or girl)for the campaign against cuts?"

  2. JonathanND - Read my other post today.
    Far from it. I myself have an "Invisible Disability" and accept that for certain campaigns I will never have the impact on a sceptic that my tetraplegic friend will. That's all.
    We really need to be careful not to jump on everything we all say. We're working together and if you read my posts I think you'll find many references to mental illness. I myself have PTSD.

  3. I see - good point - please feel free to delete above comment. i was worried (!) that you falling for the "we'll look after those with severe diabilities" rhetoric - you should see the letter I got dfrom Chris Gayling via my MP!

    Usually (!) I am not a blogger basher - better things to do with my time - so no more negative vibes from me to you I promise

  4. Not AT ALL. You made a really good point.
    Believe me it often galls me that because I "look OK" it means I ought to BE OK.

    My tetraplegic friend often says I face more barriers to work than he does, but hey, this is the illogical world of politicians eh?

    Also, I don't want to fully explain campaign yet, so not really surprising if people get wrong end of stick.

    Just rest assured, I know the horror of having a terrible condition no-one gives a monkey's about, lol

  5. I live in Bob Russell MP's constituency - what help do you need?