Friday 21 January 2011

ESA not the Poor Relation

Just for the record, I wanted to assure readers that ESA reform hasn't been pushed aside to fight the more "worthy" DLA reforms.

The times I've sat at home yelling at the computer or TV, feeling no-one ever spoke out for people who are ill rather than disabled at all. ESA isn't a working benefit. Often those that have to claim it have "hidden disabilities" such as my own. Sufferers of anything progressive or degenerative or long-term-variable may need to claim it. People so ill for so long that they are virtually un-employable may need to claim it. ESA is the most threatened, the most maligned and the most associated with "scroungers."

It's also under threat, but under government reforms, ESA is being ripped apart - only a shell will remain.

So, the consultation on DLA reform is underway and the initial consultation ends on 14th Feb. All heavy artillery is focussed on it as if by collective agreement. But rest assured, ESA reform is atrocious too - in many ways more so and has not been forgotten by the hundreds of disabled groups and bloggers.

"Just dealing with the right flank chaps, then all heavy artillery will be back on the front line."

For me, the most important thing was just to know someone out there cared about what I cared about. Could see the injustice and would speak for me. Well, I do, I can and I will.

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