Friday 28 January 2011

ATOS Expose Update

Well, what are we meant to do?

We post perfectly reasonable comments on the 10 O Clock Live comment thread asking them to look into ATOS as they did SERCO and they haven't printed a single comment. Not one.

Ever felt like it's all just one enormous scheme to keep us plebs out of the sweetie shop, peering longingly through the window?

All I can say is send 100, 1000 more. They might not print them but they'll get the message.


  1. I've commented already, maybe it's not as worthy when the issue is the disabled.

  2. I've left a comment there. Here it is :

    Are you connected to Nick Clegg? If not, would you please consider investigating the private company Atos, who - apparently acting under instructions from the government - are signing disabled people off their disability benefits on the grounds of being "fit for work".

    Yet these assessments are being conducted (1) by personnel without the necessary medical qualifications and (2) without reference to the NHS consultants whose skills and expertise diagnosed the initial problem.

    Disabled people are being "hung out to dry" while the British media looks on, making no comment. If you decide to do the same, then shame on you.

  3. Sue. On a slightly different tack. Is there any "inside information" about Atos from any Registered Nurses? Of course it might be that the RNs are only gathering information, and the decisions are made elsewhere. But just a thought!

  4. Hi Sue. I have psoted asking them to look into ATOS. We shall see what happens in the mean time could i point you to another site that is trying toget some information as well