Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Back from under the knife

Hi all,

Dave here. Just to let you all know Sue is out of surgery and resting quietly,(well as quiet as Sue can be!!)
I'm sure she'll be back at the keyboard soon, if not I expect I'll be taking dictation.

It's a relief this bit is over, hopefully there will be no "events" this time......


  1. That's great news Dave, thanks for letting us know. Hope Sue has a speedy recovery and is back at home with you all very soon. Sending love, hugs and spoons BG Xx

  2. Hi Dave,

    It is good to hear from you. I hope all goes well for you both. I'm looking forwards to reading more when Sue is ready, but no hurry.

    Best wishes.

  3. Tell her Howard says GO TO SLEEP

  4. All the best to both of you.

    Syzygy Sue x

  5. Thankyou Dave, Sue has a whole crowd of cyber friends concerned for her welfare. Hope Sue rests, recovers soon and you can all enjoy the festive season.

  6. So glad the op went well - best wishes for Sue's swift and smooth recovery and home-going!

  7. Dave,

    Thank you kindly for letting us know... It is greatly appreciated! I hope you all have a lovely break :)

  8. As eoin says thanks Dave for letting us know and hope all has gone well :)