Monday 13 December 2010

Breaking News! Surgeon uses Telephone

In a bold - and some are saying unprecedented - move, Mr Genius, surgeon at Addenbrookes Hospital today phoned a patient himself.

Traditionally, senior medical staff have resisted methods of communication that involve direct contact with their patients, but for some time, our correspondent has been hearing shocking stories of these senior staff bypassing secretaries to use the telephone and even email to aid them in their work.

Always considered a radical, the controversial Mr Genius broke away from the medical status-quo this afternoon, ignoring warnings from colleagues that over-familiarity with patients would be the first step on a damaging path to equality.

This is not the first scandal to surround Mr Genius. Some years ago it was claimed he actually spoke to his patients as though they were equals, raising a storm of protest and outrage from consultants and surgeons worldwide.

A defiant Mr Genius told our correspondent "I am determined to keep pushing the boundaries of patient care. Technology has evolved and so must we. In the new year, I'm even planning to implement a totally new medical concept to improve outcomes. I call it listening."


  1. Haha Pam - good point. Yes, he says I don't have to go all the way up to Cambridge for the pre-op check.
    He actually trusted that I could manage to have a blood test here and bring the results with me when I'm admitted.
    Three cheers for Mr G, Hip Hip.....

  2. Would you like me to repost your missing "Compliments" blog entry - it is too big to post as one entry here, but it could be split into parts.

  3. Good news Sue,

    :) mr Surgeon sounds like a decent person.

  4. What an interesting surname.

    I hope he recognises himself in your eulogy of him.

  5. Now if only they could figure out deoderant.

  6. Sorry Zeph, haven't meant to ignore you.
    It was a letter I wrote to the hospital complimenting all the many improvements they had made.

    I wanted to post it as a link to highlight how quickly things have gone downhill again since the cuts.

    I can't bloody get it right and don't want to post my thoughts on nurses and staffing until I can.

    Thanks though.


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