Thursday 23 December 2010


That's pretty much it really.



  1. WoW!

    Can you have second Christmas now? Will your quality of life improve much? Do let me know!!!

    oh! And well done :)


  2. I take it you've omitted all the rude words that proceed the Ouch!

  3. All the best Sue Marsh, for 2011 and thank you for informing and entertaining me in 2010. I actually like the venomous stuff better than the lyrical.

    To Dave, you are very good to deal with this while having such great concerns. I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

  4. Happy 2nd Christmas Sue.... don't let the get you down!

    Syzygy Sue x

  5. Thinking of you and yours at Christmas - hope everything is on the up now!

    x Jade

  6. Hope you have a good Xmas Sue, in spite of the pain.
    But don't stop blogging. This can make a difference. Keep up the good work.

  7. You really are an amazing group of people - I'm so glad I "met" you all.

    By the way, Jade, I can't remember if you have a blog too? I've met so many people this year and most post under at least one pseudonym, I'm struggling to keep up.
    As soon as I'm better, I'll set up a spreadsheet, but in the meantime, sorry for my dreadful memory, lol.


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