Wednesday, 8 December 2010


It just occurred to me that an apology might be in order.

At the moment I'm on so many different drugs to keep me going until the 22nd, that I can barely remember my own name.

Typing through this opiate-anti-emetic-blood-thinning haze is like trying to speak to you all through cotton wool or treacle.

Sentences can take hours to write. I can't think of words and I constantly forget what I'm writing in the middle of a sentence.

Anyway, I just wanted........

Oh never mind.


  1. Don't worry Sue, alcohol has the same effect on me ! :-)

  2. We don't need an apology, we just need you to get better! .... it is no time at all until the end of December when hopefully the drug induced haze will have dissipated... so just enjoy the bits that you can and let the worries go!

  3. You sound fine to me. I currently have flu so my writing abilities are in the toilet as we speak.

  4. Nurse Anne

    Commiserations ... flu is horrid! Hope you get better soon.


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