Monday 20 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

As regular readers might remember, today is Christmas Day in the Marsh house.

The boys are a delight - just the right age to love Christmas the most.

We've had stockings and presents, the sideboard is groaning under the weight of sweets and nuts and oranges and chocolate. Both sets of grandparents are here (a million more presents, lol). My oldest (6) is genuinely impressed that Father Christmas would make such a special effort just for him and his brother. They love each of so much, that they keep giving each other the presents they unwrap!!

Where the oldest is quite reserved, our nearly-three-year-old is so excited, I image he'll be sick shortly. He hasn't stopped eating old muck since he got up this morning - there are chocolate bars all over the house with one bite taken out of them, lol.

Tonight, I've booked my favourite restaurant so that our entire family can be together. I've been a great supporter of the restaurant since they opened a year ago. They know I have Crohn's (we've talked for hours about how passionate we both are about  cooking from scratch with nothing but natural ingredients. I've always thought it's the thing that helps me the most to control my symptoms.)

When I called to ask about booking the whole restaurant tonight for a private party,  The chef reminded me they were shut on Mondays. I was gutted. I'd so wanted us all to be together and there was no way I'd be getting out to buy any presents this year. I'd thought that by the time we'd bought everybody's gifts, a turkey, booze, veg, cheeses, sauces, puds, pickles etc etc etc it would  be cheaper just to eat out. It also  meant my Mother-inLaw or Mum wouldn't have to go to all the trouble of cooking the Christmas dinner.

Most importantly of all though, it would have been a way for us all to be together - Grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, new babies, girlfriends or boyfriends, children and treasured friends.

A few minutes later, Zek, the chef, called back. He wanted to open the restaurant anyway, just for us!! He'd worked out a menu of all my favourites and costed it so that I can't believe he'll do anything but break even. He said they'd do turkey and all the trimmings and if I let him know this morning exactly how many guests are coming, they would push the tables together to make one cosy, family dining table. "We'll make it all really nice and Christmassy for you" were his exact words.

Just when I lose hope with people, someone, somewhere does something so kind it restores my faith in human nature.

For his incredible kindness, I'm sure you won't mind if I plug him shamelessly here.

Crescent Road Cafe, Crescent Road, Worthing.
01903 204194

It's not just the best restaurant in Worthing, it's one of the best restaurants I've eaten ever eaten in. Zek is a genius and if you ever make a booking, I can assure you, you'll be blown away.


  1. Happy Christmas, What a lovely person Zek is.
    Really quite touching, and brought a tear to my eye.
    Have a great evening, and best of luck with your op.

  2. Christmas has truly come early. Here's hoping that you all have a wonderful day.

  3. Thank you all.
    You've been a great support through these terrible few weeks.
    I'm so glad I met you :)

  4. Send Zek a big Christmas kiss from me. Happy Christmas.

  5. Happy Christmas Sue. I'm a bit choked up now. I hope you all have a wonderful night BG Xx

  6. Happy Xmas sue and to your wonderful family have a lovely evening and will certainly pay a visit to Zak in the new year
    Also all the very best with your operation
    warm regards as always to you all :)

  7. That's awesome. Your wish comes true. Wish you and your family having a great festive :)

  8. Sue,

    Happy Christmas!!!

    Is the operation still tomorrow? I have said a couple of prayers that everything goes according to plan. You have been here before so I am sure you know what to expect... and as you say you are in the trusted hands of Mr Genius! :)

    When do you get out, have they told you? Or do they play it by ear? Either way, we'll all be counting the hours until we see ou online again!

    Lots of hugs Éoin! Adh Mor órt :)

  9. Thank. You all. Eoin - op tomorrow (wed) usually home day 5 or 6. Quite excited today. Can't wait to get the bloody thing out of me! Xxxxx

  10. Good Luck Sue, and Happy Christmas!

  11. Will be thinking about you... Happy 2nd Christmas.

    Syzygy Sue x

  12. Sue,

    prayers have been said, hope it all goes well!



  13. So glad to read that you had a lovely "Christmas" with your boys and husband! How amazing of Zak and his staff - hope the meal and evening were everything you could have wished for :-)

    Keeping my fingers metaphorically crossed that the op and recovery are swift and successful and that you're home quickly.

  14. It's that day! Today's trauma is an anaesthetist who seems to think i'll be fine with local anaesthetic!!!!!! I asked her what on earth people did when it wore off?she seemed to think many patients were fine with paracetamol!!!!!!
    I have never known anyone not have a patient controlled analgesia pump ever.
    They are going to cut me from sternum to muff (sorry i can't thi k of a more ladylike term.)
    seriously, can you imagine having major surgery with local anaesthetic and paracetamol?? How can that be right?