Thursday 9 December 2010

Not enough hours in the day.

Some of you might have noticed articles appearing and disappearing over the last few days.

I've been practising adding links to my text - not always successfully.

Of course it might be me who has been appearing and disappearing over the last few days. (As previously discussed here

Anyway, no matter. Where was I?

Oh yes, Guardian again today, two days later than intended :( Bloody Crohn's.**

I'll just have to hope Patient Tuesday did some good somewhere all of its own.

Hopefully back to myself soon, it's boring in here.

**Just realised this is a private joke in the Marsh house, where "Bloody Crohn's" gets blamed for losing the car keys, cancelled flights or any other rubbish event. We like finding convoluted ways to blame everything on the Bloody Crohn's.


  1. Sue,

    I must go read your Guardian article! Wow! Again! Once, Twice, its a career now missus, your a journalist! :) or is that a columnist?


  2. Eoin - Shhhh. don't tell the DWP, I haven't been paid for anything yet!! That'd be just my luck, to have my benefits stopped despite not actually having another source of income!!!

    I have to say though, I share your "yeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!"

    Haha, I just thought of something relevant to your career. the times people debated with me if Eng Lit degrees were "useful". Having got one and then not working for so long, some argued traditional subjects were a waste of time.
    I argued that the three years spent studying the finest works of Eng Lit were never wasted and were a whole education in themselves.
    years later, turns out I can write!! How about that then you education deniers! ;)

  3. …and there's me laughing at taking the "Bloody Crohn's" literally! :)


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