Wednesday 1 December 2010

Target Practice

To amuse myself and pass the time, I am holding an impromptu training session in giving intra-muscular injections.

I have three students, and I'm training them from a patient's point of view rather than the medical training they will otherwise get.

They're all flushed and anxious.

There are lots of little techniques to make the injections less painful and to ensure the patient gets the drug administered effectively.

I'm laying here, with my buttocks facing the ceiling as they practise getting the needle in confidently, looking for scarred areas, getting rid of air bubbles and checking for arteries.

I'm sure they all think I'm bonkers, but if it means that as they go through their career they always give injections that don't hurt, I'll be happy.


  1. Sue....No gentleman could possibly comment ! :-)

  2. You blog too quickly.

    It seems that local government will be the big area of change. This gets the central government off the hook and was a tactic also used by its predecessor.

  3. In the ancient times, bacterial infections were treated with pins in bums. I had a teenage ear infection and dreaded the twice daily appearance of the orderly with his /her little tray.

  4. Howard....Is that the same as, pins and needles, in bums, usually brought about by hard seats in my experience. :-)

  5. I had a teenage ear once .

    Well two actually-both at the same time-they enjoyed the company.

  6. Boys [Ken & Colin]

    Be sensitive, afterall someone with an illness less battlehardened and tough as our sue might read your quips [harmless though I am sure they are meant] and take offence. Anxiety disorders or people generally of a weak constituion probably use sites like these as places of refuse or reassurance. I am sure you meant nothing by it, and I hope you take my comment the way it was meant.

  7. √Čoin...Don't fret, we're trying to cheer Sue up, it's an English thing. :-)

  8. Howard - Don't worry, I see all the comments, so if you want to carry on a subject, I'll still see the ones on the old thread.

  9. Yep-it's that quirky English humour Eoin.

    Sue's posts are full of it :-)

  10. Hi Sue
    Sorry I have been AWOL. I have been battling to exhaustion point over an horrendous case of injustice and malpractice by a certain Social Services Dept. Still trucking.

    Also I have to admit I have really struggled to log in. I have so many IDs and passwords to goodness knows what that I lost the plot and I have had to resort to a card index. All my own fault, a jumble which evolved over time. I think I am sorted now. Sez he tempting fate.

    Sue - for Xmas I send you my best wishes and my hopes that somehow things will improve for you and yours. Injections - errr - I now have this new mental picture of you and it won't go away! Good on yer for being so positive and helping the new medics to hone their skills.

    Eoin - great to see you around! I have not posted in 'the other place' since you left. No longer a pleasant place to post IMHO. Not the same since you and Sue left, and a few others. Also hello to Colin & Ken & Howard too, if you are the same guys.

    For those who don't know I posted there as Cozmo due to there being a surplus of Colins!

    Best Regards to all.

  11. Hi Colin

    Sorry that I'm one too.

    Colin46 sounds much more impressive though ;-)

  12. Hi Colin46...To support Sue's site is a privilege for me, her insightful writing, from a position compromised by serious illness, is an inspiration to us all, I love it here.