Tuesday 2 July 2013

Wheelchair petition, please sign & Share

If  we can't provide the right wheelchairs for people based on need, what's the point of calling ourselves civilized?

PLEASE sign this petition and share it with all your friends. Urge them to sign. We need to show that we DO care.


  1. Signed... Taken me three years to get even a basic manual chair. Not allowed an electric one because not been 'fit free' for a year even though my epilepsy wasn't diagnosed 'til last December! So I still have no independence ... Got a meeting with the Housing Association tomorrow and I 'spose I'll have to beg them for wheelchair access :(

  2. My computer says the link is infected. I'll sign if I can find another way of doing so.

  3. Signed and shared. I hope this helps with all of us wheelies.
    I know that I desperately need a power chair but can't afford one :(

  4. all a load of rubbish sue all the government are trying to do is to destroy the lives of the sick and disabled if it's not this topic it's something else day in day out till you die any fool can see that by now

    1. I cannot think of any reason in the world why the government should see disabled people as any different to able-bodied people, apart from the obvious fact of any kind of disability and a basic requirement of assistance/ aid, which ISN'T a problem. It is ignorant and heartless to continually deny rights and privilages to disabled people. What will it take for any positive change? Can politicians develop a will to change into kind benevolent people? They seem able to develop hate and misery, so why don't they try something new, or are they only happy when people are unhappy? Strewth!!