Tuesday 23 July 2013

WCA - Call for Evidence

So, with Harrington gone, the Fourth "Independent" review of Work Capability Assessments is being compiled. The new reviewer, Dr Paul Litchfield is asking for evidence and despite patchy results in the past, we must do all we can to let him know just how WCAs fail and are still failing.

I would urge anyone who has been through a WCA to send their thoughts in - it's only by submitting evidence - time and again if necessary - that our views will be heard.

Here are the details https://www.gov.uk/government/news/fourth-independent-review-into-the-work-capability-assessment-call-for-evidence-launched

Please don't let cynicism stop you from taking part.


  1. One Majorly Important factor that WCA & ATOS Tests never have considered is Availability of suitable positions of Employment, the second is the Discrimination Factor that prevents many Disabled people from Entering Employment, I Was told by an interviewer that despite being impressed and feeling I was more than capable of Doing the job he thought that those who I Would be working with would object to working with someone like me, in addition I was told the type of customers that his company would shy away from buying there products if they were aware of the fact that the person they were dealing with was disabled. I am not registered Dangerously Ugly, Stupid or Infectious I am however Registered Blind and have been since 1984 Prior to witch I Was Registered Partially Sighted since birth, I Was forced to give up Work in 1990 primarily due to Low Pay and the sudden Unexpected arrival of my daughter in December 1989, the truth is despite looking for Work often the Work I Was fit for rejected me, as I have looked for Employment I also perceived a definite change in attitudes towards people with disabilities from prospective employers along with Social Attitudes from members of the Public as gradually over the past 25 years as successive Governments Continue to Ignore the growing barriers to not only Disabled people but the very real bariers faced by Unemployed people like the post code a person lives in can prevent them from even reaching an interview as Employers perceive certain post codes as being Undesirable.

  2. I have passed and failed wca and atos on several occasions all with the same illness (cervical spondalosis) every 2 years going through the humiliation of trying to explain yourself. I even had the same "doctor" twice in succession who failed me and I had to go to appeal which I won, then 2 years later saw him again and he said "its obvious your not capable of working"so incapacity carried on and when I pointed out he failed me previously he appologised.Then this time goalposts removed the only thing all"professionals"agreed on was my upper body movements were restricted, enough on its own before was not enough now so even after appeal have been sent back on jsa

  3. I'm sorry sue if they cant get it right by now and if they cant see if someone isn't fit for work then their just a very thick bunch of twonks

    believe me there'll never get it right of that you can be assured of and the likes of below will just keep going on

    Mum-of-three was told to find a job by Atos chiefs.. weeks later she died of a brain tumour

    sometimes i think I'm just as thick as ATOS and the DWP by reading all their bullXXXX

    There job is crystal clear and that's to kill off as many sick and disabled as possible and it's about time the sick and disabled wised up to this fact instead of of getting roped in on a piece of crap Call for Evidence that means nothing in law

    in ten years time we will still be Calling for Evidence if there are any sick and disabled left alive of which only a few will be and just thenk god i wont be one of them

  4. It seems that the problem most governments have is they can't enjoy life if they have to keep caring about all the 'needy lesser mortals' who keep bothering them through needing financial and social care and support. The rich just want some respect and to be left to enjoy their money in peace, can't the poor plebs understand!

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  5. Can anyone please advise me exactly what evidence the 4TH WCA independent review STILL REQUIRES??? I'm sorry, i must be missing something. Doesn't Dr Litchfields brain register facts unless they suit the government budget??? Ok, let's play Camerons game, we all kill ourselves until the Conservatives are happy that Britain's fucking finance is ok. That's fair isn't it everyone??? Fucking hell!!! Wake up everyone, before this fucking government dies laughing!!!

  6. Hi Sue. Sincere apologies to everyone for the nature of some words in the above comment. I never mean to offend or trouble anyone, but in this instance i felt that the 'F-word' was a suitable way of describing my anger and annoyance at the inane way disabled life is treated so badly by so-called 'governance' in Great Britain. I realize swearing in the comments section is not nice and doesn't help the cause of people here trying to change things for the better, so again, I am very sorry. x