Tuesday 9 July 2013

Caught out again Mr Hoban?

For years now, campaigners have asked government to look at how ALL the changes to the support and services sick and disabled people rely on will interact with each other.

Tomorrow, there will finally be a debate in the House of Commons, followed by a vote on whether parliament will insist that the government carry out a cumulative impact assessment.

The government have repeatedly refused, claiming that it's just too difficult. Yet, what's this? Mark Hoban, boasting that this government pioneered cumulative impact assessments? In reply to a question just a few days ago (5th July) he said,

Mark Hoban (Fareham, Conservative)

The Government regularly produces analysis of the cumulative impact of all coalition changes, including working-age benefits, on households across the income distribution. This information is published at every Budget and other major fiscal events, in the interests of transparency. The most recent update was published with the spending round 2013 on 26 June.
The publication of cumulative impacts is a coalition initiative and was not produced by the previous Administration.

All coalition changes Mr Hoban? But not disability? Because it's "too difficult"?

What a happy coincidence someone sent me this just in time! Now the government has no reason at all to refuse to carry out the one cumulative impact assessment we've begged them to do! As it's a coalition initiative and everything.

Please, write to your MP before tomorrow and ask them to attend the debate (Wed 10th July after PMQs, vote at 16:00) and to vote in favour of a cumulative impact assessment. 

You can find their email address here : http://www.theyworkforyou.com/

*Don't forget to add your name and address at the bottom as many MPs won't respond unless they can be sure the message is from a constituent.*


  1. I have now emailed my tory MP three times asking him to act as my representative and to support an impact assessment,he hasn't even had the decency to reply and rebut let alone a supportive reply,all I have had is the automatic reply to acknowledge receipt.

    1. Same goes with my LD MP - Tessa Munt - she never even deigns to reply to me. I am polite, civil, factual and reasonable in all of my dealings. You'd think she'd actually make an effort when you consider that I was once a local council candidate for the LD party, before I left the party when they betrayed their supporters. Bah. Maybe she's embarrassed... but then again she's always on the PR stunt trail. She's the "kissing babies while screwing the country" type.

    2. Well,there's a surprise not! still nothing from Jonathon Djanogly MP you would have thought I would get something more than this
      "This is not an out of office reply, but an automatic reply to acknowledge that I have received your email safely."
      Tory scum.

  2. Since my local MP is Simon Burns (the one who publically described people who take part in online political campaigns, letter writing and petitions as 'zombies') I have long ago given up bothering to write to him about anything.
    Since we live in a democracy (allegedly), can I have some sort of democratic representation in the House of Commons for my opinions please, since my local MP refuses to do his job and voice them (unless they happen to coincide with his own pre-conceived ideas) ?

  3. They, the politicians call it democracy.

  4. Liam Byrne Mp has been actively canvassing briefings and submissions. You could email him on this if you feel your mp is worse than stepping in a pile of turd.

  5. Is there a form email someone could write please? I could get more to write but they have trouble doing so because of illness x

  6. I'm so sorry to hear all the comments about MPs not responding.

    However, PLEASE don't let it stop you. I know it's incredibly rude and seems less than pointless, but they DO know when they get lots of appeals on a subject. They might not act or respond, but it's so important that they know we haven't gone away and we're a force to be reckoned with.

    It might not seem like it, but we all have a conscience however hard some try to ignore them. In the end we WILL win these battles and pressure is a huge part of it


    Sue xx

  7. Doubletalking DWP’s new assault on the sick
    by Mike Sivier


    as for my mp as always not attending