Sunday 28 July 2013

Ex-Atos nurse tells of disgust at Assessments

It's clearly not enough for sick and disabled people to tell of their horrific experiences of an Atos Assessment for Employment and Support Allowance.

It's clearly not enough for journalists to write exposes and TV companies to produce documentaries.

It's clearly not enough for politicians from all sides of the House to debate the failings and iniquities of the Atos test and demand that it be improved.

It's clearly not enough for the BMA and the RCGPs to demand the immediate withdrawal of the test.

It's clearly not enough for it to be found unfit for purpose by every major study into it and for every major charity and DPO to denounce it as cruel and inhumane.

So perhaps it will be enough for you to listen to this nurse, who used to work for Atos, carrying out the assessments, her professional disgust, how demoralised she felt, how disgusted by the targets and criteria she was set, the poor quality of the doctors, the insistence that she reject a % of claims every day regardless of merit.

Will this be enough? Will we listen to this? Will we wake up and stop this assault on  decency and dignity? At some point we will. It's just a matter of time. And how many innocent, vulnerable people suffer until we do.  

Listen here on LBC Radio :


  1. Amazing story Sue. The nurse proves how corrupt and immoral the ESA assessments have always been. Link to the following address for some good news:

  2. When all this is over i truly hope the guilty are punished and a system can be found were by nothing like this can ever happen again

  3. Makes you wonder what is the point of attending their targeted assessment. Who sre these people to question and demean me. To strip me of my dignity with their lies. I am outraged at their contempt for me and my disability!

  4. Yes of course the DWP should listen to patient's GP's!! Can someone tell me how, when Doctors in Cwm Taf, South Wales, have been told not to liaise with them to provide medical information??? By the way they have also been told not to provide medical evidence for Housing Associations unless, of course, the Housing Associations pay them to provide this evidence.

    So - In 2013, the concept "Greed is Good" is alive and kicking (especially within the Cwm Taf Health area)

  5. hollie you gor that right greed like pigs in that trough oinking away without a thought to those who die by their hands ,yes daily we loose more to this atos dwp but still nothings done about it and a nurse who been working there 9mnths mind now she blows the whistle on them they could say that she didn't like cold t or that she could do her work right but its given atos dwp a weapon against whot ever she says about this corrupt company and corrupt dwp the whole lot needs to be changed isn't your own doctor good enough to tell them its cheaper aswell so no monies going off to their mates charitys chasing those who aint fit to work yes ambulance chasing has now become part of our dialy lives but then some stir a little or perhaps they got whot most lost a conscious jeff3

  6. The thing is, WHY are they doing WCA's at all?

    And why has the latest kick become the increasing demand for massive mounds of paperwork from our GPs as well (which they won't have time to do)? Meantime still blaming patients (and GPs) for sending insufficient evidence whenever decisions are wrong?

    As we all now realise, the WCA was not brought in to weed out (non-existent) fraud.

    To decide whether someone is sick or disabled enough for ESA, the DWP needs (at most) to add a convenient tick box to a basic sick note for GPs to notify the DWP that a patient has been advised to refrain from work. The box can specify whether the condition is likely to be short term, long-term (over a year) or permanent.

    Assuming that our doctors are not liars or frauds (and there is a legal system to prosecute them if they are), this should be ALL the DWP has any business knowing to confirm you are unfit for work.

    WHY DO THEY *REALLY* WANT TO KNOW ABOUT OUR ABILITY TO FEED OURSELVES AND TOILET HABITS, FOR GOD'S SAKE, when ESA is a more-or-less flat-rate benefit and does not have 'levels' depending on severity, like DLA?

    With eight able-bodied people chasing every vacancy, and unemployment *still* the Tories' "Price Worth Paying" (and the destruction of Remploy), THE AGENDA OF THE WCA CANNOT POSSIBLY BE TO GET DISABLED PEOPLE INTO PAID WORK.

    Nor does WCA remotely assess us for our capacity to do our former REAL jobs, such as teachers, mechanics, nurses, engineers, geologists, etc. It consists of DLA-type descriptors about self-care, and 'tasks' that level down every claimant to the lowest grade of minimum wage, unskilled, grunt work (relegating us to subhuman 'stock').


  7. admin
    that's to simple and with the public playing the game when in reality as I've said before the DWP know everything about you as my compliance officer keeps telling me from your bank details to what blogs you look at and everything in between

  8. A New National campaign has been Launched to fight ATOS and the Goverment in the EU courts, Supported by Huge range of Groups including People Before Profit, more details and donations can be found on the blog; Lewishamcampaignerblogspot.We need everyone concerned about ATOs to get behind this campaign.