Tuesday 2 July 2013

John Pring's disability news roudup

John Pring's weekly disability news roundup. He really has outdone himself this week. Pls share

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  1. Sorry to post this here, as it is probably the wrong place and I am sure you know already, but Michael Meacher seems to want people to contact him as part of a campaign against Atos.

    The article here gives the details:


    Quote from Mr Meacher:

    “There are thousands of people being told wrongly that they are able to work. The Government have admitted that 11,000 people forced on to work-related activity after assessments have died before getting work.

    “I am trying to gather all the cases I can, because this is a massive injustice. I am prepared to campaign for months or years until this is addressed properly.”

    He also has his own blog:


    which gives his contact details:

    Michael Meacher
    My constituency office is at:
    11 Church Lane
    Oldham OL1 3AN
    Tel 0161 626 5779

    It is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; closed on Thursday. Friday by appointment only.

    My parliamentary office is at:
    House of Commons,
    SW1A 0AA

    You can email me at meacherm at parliament dot uk


  2. Michael Meacher is leading the way and is just one of a very few mp's to do so
    all the tory mp's are just like the Egyptian government there'll need to kicked out to save lives