Monday 9 January 2012


@StephenFry backs #spartacusreport

Looks as if the government's been found out lying and misleading the people on the subject of disability allowances:


  1. Woohoo! He's something high up in Mind, who can be variable on welfare, though they did do the scrounger mythbuster last year. Nice one.

  2. So Stephen is here too .....

    tell me Stephen what do you think of the current government's action against disabled people? Do you think they resemble something close to ethnic cleansing - because I do?

  3. Is this DR Fry of Scottsdale who treats ME FMS CTDS,.. NEID?

  4. awesome SF is here doing this as well

    All i can say is im so for this report
    this goverment are lairs and cheats
    @Anon your quite right seems we have a budding HITLER running our country
    Our parents fought against Ethic Cleansing in 2 world mother is now 91 years young this goverment has taken £100 off her yearly heating allowance
    Back in 1994 i found out i had oesteopenia[ brittle bones]next stage is oesteo porosis i also have emotional asthma it kicks off if im stressed i also suffer with fibromialgia in my spine.. all these give me constant pain i cant walk 10 yards without stopping because of sever career ended and i was devistated i was on my feet 10 hours a day as a professional hair stylist.. my feet /hands swell my shoulders burn and my neck cracks
    How dare these people say im fit for work..
    How can i go for an interveiw and tell the employer i dont know what days i can work it depends how much pain im in to get out of bed
    that morning.. or does this goverment expect me to stay awake all week so im up and ready to go to work.. what this goverment dont reolise is people out here have massive debits with credit cards because of how much we had been paid for many years
    heating [gas] can cost us in winter months over £100 per month plus utitiies [elec] £60 pm [WATER] £37pm Thats nearly £200 and we havnt got any cloths food In 15 years ive amassed £15,000 bebt on my cards for food petrol clothes
    heating and now ive asked a debt managment to take over
    Far as im concerned this goverment want all disabled people DEAD we are suplus to requirements, we no longer have a place in their society