Monday 9 January 2012


johnprescott John Prescott
@allbigideas: #spartacusreport is TOP TREND ON TWITTER WE DID IT” < Well done everyone. Great cause

(then he tweeted again, but it's a bit rude, so you'll all have to just go and find it yourselves......)


  1. John Prescott was part of the Nl govt who brought in the brutal ESA, (i think he voted for it) I know we need allies but we should be aware of all this and that the LP still plan to 'reform' DLA.

  2. Hello from Canada.

    Received a google alert to a news article about this story as it relates to the uncrpd.


    I am terrifically impressed. I trust that every paper that has published a scathing article on pwd in the uk will write a story about this.

    The world IS watching.

  3. Is this THE John Prescott or someone of the same name?

  4. John was part of the problem you can take what he says with a pinch of salt

  5. I have no idea with twitter, so can't look it I hope someone puts it somewhere so I can see it...smiles

    This is pretty impressive. I have tears going through these blogs to see the impact...I'm huggin ya my Amazing Grace friend :o) x

  6. Prescott is undoubtedly part of the problem. I don't want him on my side any time soon.

    Have read several blogs where this report has been posted. There exists some of the most vile abuse that can be written about disabled people. And here's me thinking the was a Disability Discrimination Act