Monday 9 January 2012


"Disabled people have been fighting for years to establish our equality in society, these changes are tantamount to setting back the clock forty years where decisions about our independence were made by others. These changes will take away basic human rights from many disabled people. DLA enables disabled people to work, travel, engage in their local community, which in turn enables us to contribute more fully to society both financially and socially."

Cherylee Houston, actress, Izzy, Coronation Street

"As we were slowly inching closer to equality it is ridiculous and alarming that we are rapidly moving away from an inclusive society and back towards discrimination and segregation; the haves and the have – nots.
The impact of the proposed cuts will be hugely detrimental to most and to some utterly devastating. Please do not underestimate the damaging and harmful consequences of cutting very necessary benefits to very needy people.
Many people don’t seem to appreciate that living with a disability is incredibly expensive, benefits like DLA aren’t frittered away on extravagant luxuries, they are desperately needed to pay for basic travel expenses to work, PA support, respite for family carers, food and heating and having some semblance of a “normal” social life.
These benefits provide us with the ability to contribute to society; to remove them is to erase us from society and infringe our human rights.
It has been proven it isn’t financially prudent to reform DLA and it certainly isn’t ethical or moral to target the most vulnerable in our society; after all isn’t that what bullies do?"

"This thorough and rigorous report based on proper consultation with the people who will be, in many cases, shockingly affected by the government's proposed changes to DLA and the introduction of PIP, should be right at the heart of any welfare reform. The government's proposals are rash, short-sighted, inhumane and ultimately expensive. The new system is already causing much stress and anxiety to so many people who are frankly dealing with enough."


  1. Shannon Murray its "Beat The Bullies" and we the disabled know many bullies. Today has been awesome, twitter and facebooks no.1 of the day, All those who done such a fantastic job today should be proud of yourselves, i for one am proud and grateful for you ALL.

  2. My daughter has seen this blog for the very first time sue as you know she is studying international politics at uni
    For someone like her to now get involved cant be bad and it would seam that this news has travelled far and wide

  3. Actors and comedians have started to get the word spread. Finally, the blind mainstream have no choice but to open their eyes.

    38Degrees and their prioritising campaigns for circus animals and household gas bills have blown their chances here, big time. Really big time. Their worst, most scandalous, epic fail. I won't support those ableist SOBs again.

  4. Yes, very dismayed by 38 Degrees, too populist and focussing on middle class issues...