Tuesday 10 January 2012


Please watch this video, thank you.

 Link to full report, Responsible Reform    http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/16008 

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  1. Update tuesday.

    I just listened to bendygirl. I think we need to start a relay team. ok? Time to pull together. I am happy to handle twitter and making sure that people stay on message and spartacusreport keeps trending. What little bit can you do?

    To keep spartacus report trending on twitter go to my blog, use those links people! . Keep tweeting, keep copy/paste retweeting, keep adding the twibbon (ill do that in a minute myself)

    WE need to do this FOR Sue.

    Leave me a comment on my blog, send me a message over twitter. any ideas of increasing coverage share them. we can do this, but only by pulling together, ok?

    (my name will direct to links links links ok?)

  2. Many many thanks for every sacrifice that you and the team have made on our behalf, time for you to take some down time to recharge your batteries. We are still spreading the word. We are spartacus. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  3. I am more then happy to help out with regards to cause's which is connected up to the the cause facebook page see below. One voice my not be heard but many voices can not be ignored.

  4. Please do as you need to Sue; we won't leave this alone. Spartacus lives in us all

  5. bless u all for all ur hard work, let us try to take some ov that off ur sholders so u can rest to fight another day many hugs xxx

  6. Dear Spartici,

    As you can see from the video, two of the leading researchers and authors of the "Responsible Reform" report (aka #Spartacusreport)have both become very ill. This is a direct result of their efforts to produce this report and publicise it yesterday.

    The media should be utterly ashamed of themselves for refusing to cover this yesterday.

    The report showed that the government had deliberately misled MPs and Peers over the lack of support for the abolition of DLA and change to PIP, in its Consultation exercise.

    Lying to Parliament is a breach of the Ministerial Code and is a sackable offence. Apparently, to the media,lying ministers is now so normal as to not be newsworthy.

    Disabled people all over the country made themselves ill yesterday to get this message heard. Yet STILL no media is interested, no politician has spoken up for us.

    Sue is being taken to hospital. Kaliya is on heavy meds and in bed on the brink of total collapse. She still has not recovered or got her voice back since attending the Hardest Hit Rally on 22nd October.

    This video is the answer to those who say "well, you don't LOOK disabled." Or "if you can type a message on a computer, you can work". They only see the bit where people can function for a little bit. The collapse part is hidden away in our homes. No one sees. no one cares.

    Tomorrow (wed 11th) there is a protest outside Parliament, opposite the Lords entrance. Tomorrow the Lords vote on time-limiting ESA to one year.

    If the media will not report without "individual cases" to use as illustration, tomorrow is the day to turn up if at all possible. Today is the day to write complaints to BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 with your story of what DLA means to you and how you would survive (or not without it). They want "stories" - let's give them ours - we all have one.


  7. Cameron,Osborne,Grayling, Fraud, Miller - you should all watch this video and hang your heads in deepest shame. This is the harsh reality of life blighted by chronic sickness or disability - heroes like Sue and Kaliya laid low by greatly exceeding the limits imposed by their ill-health during their ceaseless campaign for justice for the most vulnerable.
    Sue, Kaliya and all those others paying the price for the tremendous efforts you make: Bless you and thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

  8. I hope that Sue and Kaliya are able to make speedy recoveries, which for us disabled people often means a lot more than a few days or even weeks. I had a letter from my MP, Jessica Morden, who has raised her concerns about the proposed changes to DLA to Maria Miller MP, and she will write to Ms. Miller highlighting the #spartacusreport email I sent to Ms. Morden yesterday, and ask for a response. I hope this little bit of news helps Sue and Kaliya know that they have already begun effecting change with their campaign.

  9. I did what I could to raise awareness of this most important issue, I am saddened that both Sue & Kaliya have made themselves poorly and wish them a speedy recovery.

    Just goes to show though how ill/disabled people are working themselves into the ground just to get their voices heard, the #spartacusreport shows the Coalition up for what they truly are.

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  11. UNBELIEVABLE - the first press coverage of the Spartacus report is in the Daily Mail!

    On a day when their front page is another (DWP leaked distraction exercise?) benefit scrounger story, Sonia Poulton has written in extremely supportive terms about the report and anger at the government for trying to hide the results of the DLA consultation.

    I am gobsmacked. Sometimes the truth will out in the unlikeliest of places.


    Tried to comment, but error on page at mo. Try again later.

  12. To translate what Anonymous said:

    A big thank you to Sue, Kaliya and all the spoonies for the enormous effort and dedication against all the odds.

    It is the one thing that can never be taken away no matter what they do to us.

  13. PLEASE put your own health first Kaliya and Sue. And my deepest love and respect and best wishes for speedy recoveries

    Billy xxx

  14. I am Spartacus and I have emailed my MP again to ask her to read the report thoroughly, given that the price for producing it has been so high. Also tried to comment on the Mail article, experienced error. Sent the link to my MP though.

    Really hope both of you get better soon - sorry that you have used up all your spoons on our behalf. Wish I had some spare to give you.

  15. Nicky Clark writing for Huffington Post


    "I'm simply asking that the people who are leading the biggest assault on the welfare system since its creation remember who it was created for and why. Yes, there is a deficit. Yes, we are living in times of austerity, but disabled people didn't create this financial Armageddon, they are simply expected to pay for it."

  16. Justine Greening reporting to Commons on HS2 just said the government had written to (didn't catch how many) THOUSANDS of people living close to the line for their opinions, in their Consultation. (on whether it might spoil their view)

    Funny, I don't remember being contacted by the DWP for my opinions on abolishing DLA, which keeps me alive.

    I'm bl**dy sure they've got my address!

  17. Jan,
    I did not know of what you write but it has gone through my mind so much about how "All" Governments no matter how hard pressed they are for money, often find it for projects such as this HS2(even if they try to claim they want lots of private investment)and wars, the recent help given to Libta to over throw Gadaffi, some foreign is doubtful and often given for ulteria motives...

    I'm sure that is enough money out there to still have a decent welfare system.

    Even those who work...the minimum wage is ok as a starting point especially if you live at home with Mum and Dad but its not a living wage...

    How many companies pay such rubbish wages families have to claim tax credits therefore they are still claiming benefits. How about companies paying a decent wage in the first place?

    Whether unemployed, disabled or whatever...most people are being short changed and struggling in one way or another...

  18. Sue and Kaliya I am so sorry to hear that you are both so ill, but I am not surprised as this endeavour must have been a monumental task.

    Where you have found the strength and determination to do this I do not know considering the severity of the illnesses from which you both suffer. I hope you both recover soon.

    The disabled community will be for ever grateful for all your selfless hard work on their behalf.

    Once again thank you both and everyone else who contributed.


  19. i to behind the scenes am ill with all this reform stuff going on and i have put up with it for 31 years now and as i have said before we are all in a do or die situation and heaven help us if we get this wrong

  20. i to am very sorry to hear that sue and kaliya are ill through all of this turmoil i am not surprised at all and hope you get a little better soon
    you have done a great job in the most appalling circumstances and are a credit to this countries future well being and deserve a medal of the highest order

  21. I am too really sorry to hear about the toll it's taken on both Sue and Kaliya's health. They must have a break after all their tireless campaigning and hard work.
    This isn't the first supportive article Sonia Poulton has written in the Daily Mail. She is a lone Left voice there. I too have problems with leaving messages at the Mail but voted up all those supportive comments. You can also message Sonia on Facebook if you want to thank her. She is a friend of mine now :-)

  22. God Bless you both, I hope you feel better soon!

  23. BBC finally mentions the Spartacus report -

    but only on the disability Ouch section of their website. Obviously the BBC thinks Welfare reform is only relevant to those who are already ill or disabled because such things will never ever affect the rest of the public in Cameron's faery kingdom.

    Ouch used to have a much used disabilty chat room which had been open for years with many regulars who chatted every day. It was mysteriously shut down July last year, against much opposition. This coincided with contributers becoming overtly political and attempting to organise to campaign against reforms. Coincidence? You decide.


  24. I do hope you get better soon Sue and Kaliya, you have done great things..

    I have written to Newsnight which once upon a time would have definitely covered this,



    ‘Responsible Reform’ no coverage on Newsnight…

    I am writing to enquire why Newsnight is not covering the publication of the below report despite it becoming a major event politically and increasingly culturally?

    Yesterday an amazing group of thousands of disabled and sick people published a powerful, cogently argued and passionate collaborative response to the latest DLA reforms as part of a campaign ‘I am Spartacus’ which seeks to publicise and challenge the Govt’s controversial welfare reforms. The report is entitled ‘Responsible Reform’ and details people with disabilities fears and concerns over welfare reform, rejects the recent DWP consultation, uncovers many untruths in said consultation and offers positive solutions to benefits changes.

    It’s important to note that the 'responsible reform report' was funded and researched entirely by sick and disabled people, it is really taking off: Many M.P’s and Lords have already received the report and commented on its professional and incisive nature. Many people in the public eye are now discussing the report some like Corrie’s Julie Hesmondlagh(Hayley), Stephen Fry, excoriating the welfare reforms, famous authors are also endorsing the report such as Val McDermid with more coming in by the day. The report trended No.1 on Twitter and kept trending at 2 throughout the day, and of course Boris Johnson has come out against the reforms, which is surely a major story in itself, if this was any other issue he was criticising, the TV media would be all over it, so why not this?

    This really is a great achievement by people who have so much to deal with, morale in the disabled claimant community has been very low, not least the media assaults on us all, now even the Daily Mail is reporting the true facts!'

  25. Our individual health may break down from time to time, but our collective will can never be ignored. We are defined by our humanity, not by our greed.