Monday 9 January 2012


"The NHS Consultants’ Association believes that ill thought out reform to the DLA, with reduction of financial support to some of the most vulnerable members of society is not only unjustified, but also a false economy which will result in cost implications for carers and additional use of NHS services and resources."

Clive Peedell, on behalf of NHS Consultants’ Association

"It is important that in the quest to support employment in everyone, abled or disabled, that we do not underestimate the problems that many people with long term disabilities have in carrying out even simple day to day functions. Insensitive assessment of disability and failure to understand the complexity of their problems might inadvertently result in removal of their benefits, causing more problems in an already vulnerable population."

Clare Gerada, Chair of Royal College of GP's


  1. How good to see such distinguished bodies showing their concerns but I am afraid chances are the proposed policies will get through on sheer numbers alone and the make up of Parliament at the minute. Its difficult to think of trying to get a compromise. And on many policies all the parties are too similar.

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  3. The media is doing its best to ignore us. Write to TV news, newspapers, comment on articles. Thenn yes, the Spartacus Spring will begin.
    Voters don't like being lied to. Nor do they like thinking that one day, maybe today, will be their turn to become disabled. It can happen in an instant. It happened to me.

  4. It happened to me suddenly and now its happened to Mum but as she is elderly she can be ignored by the Government but as I love Mum I am unable to but simarly Mum has become ill with little warning, cancer and dementia together. And as I care for her I am saving the Government the extra cost it would take if they had to do it.

    Even if the media would like to show both sides and leave it to the listener, reader or viewer to decide who is correct, I don't know why the media is ignoring this as they are...

  5. She is married to Prof of psychiatry Simon Wessely, who has spent 25 years making the lives of sufferers of the neurological illness myalgic encephalomyelitis an utter living nightmare in hell

  6. Anonymous.. I feel the irony of being pleased to have Clare Gerado's support too. Simon Wessely's Biopsychosocial model has also been pretty significant in justifying the Welfare reforms, and here is his wife opposing them... bit weird!

  7. Pass the sick bag.
    Clare Gerada, aka Mrs Simon Wessely, is the wife of the psychiatrist who has a school of psychiatry named after him, The Wessely School.

    They are the British establishment medical mandarins who have pioneered the "functional" psuedo-science behind the medical-welfare reforms known as Employment and Support Allowance.

    The "functional" approach to chronic illness and disability, as many of you will have noticed by now, actually ignores medical science, ignores NHS experts and GPs, ignores pain and suffering and ignores basic medical ethic by treating anything patients say with suspicion and disbelief.

    This "functional" approach to disappearing illness and disability and disappearing sick and suffering patients was pioneered on ME sufferers and successfully applied by Prof Simon Wessely to Gulf War Syndrome veterans, especially at Lord Llyod's Enquiry into Gulf War Ilness Public Inquiry -

    The Wessely School have links to Unum insurance company and to the DWP, and representatives from both sat on the same DWP committees when the current "welfare reforms" were being constructed and put together.

    You can thank Clara Gerada's husband for the fear, anxiety and distress, the wave of self-harm, the suicides and the deaths of patients awaiting on Appeals Tribunals which are the result of the medical-welfare reforms Prof Simon Wessely and his school were central in developing.

  8. Yes, as a long term ME and MCS sufferer I cannot help but feeling the irony of reading the wife of Simon Wesseley sounding oh sooo understanding and compassionate.

    Thanks to Mr Wesseley and his 'friends', people with ME were used as an experiment for these reforms for years. We were and still are portrayed as stressed and tired, out of shape, too shy to work and needing exercise.

    Think I need a sick bag too.

  9. Thorough debunking of the biopsychosocial 'model' here from Gill (Troll-Baiter) Thorburn

    I'll just see if I can link that