Monday 9 January 2012


"How we treat our vulnerable citizens is a measure of a civilised society. The way to do that is not to make high-handed decisions on their behalf but to consult directly with them about their needs and how those needs can be met. It's surely not too much to ask of a government that constantly tells us we're all in this together."

Val McDermid, best selling crime writer

"We are not talking here about providing “luxuries”, or catering to a “lifestyle choice”. People with disabilities are simply asking for their essential needs to be met, a right most non-disabled folk take for granted. Frankly it appals me that this issue is even up for debate. What has happened to our society?"

Kate Long, author

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  1. I was born with Spina Bifida in 1948. I only stopped work at the age of 59, on the advise of my Consultant who had known me for 30 years. Despite the fact that the Occ health Consultant for my employer agreed, I was then faced with a three year fight with OH Consultants for the Pension Fund, one of whom completely ignored the direction o the pensions ombudsman before going on to question my mental health, before I was fully vindicated and received my Ill-Health Pension with interst. As a money saving excercise it was a disaster but indicated how determined one must be in the current hostile climate