Monday 5 September 2011

STOP PRESS!! Lib Dem ESA Motion strengthened!

A million thanks to The magic George Potter for letting me reproduce his latest blog post here. The ESA motion and amendments that he's been working on for Lib Dem conference have just got a major boost!!

Today I got two bits of very welcome news- one of them was expected but the other was a delightful surprise.

The first bit of good news was that the amendment Sophie Bridger and I have written to the ESA motion was submitted to the Federal Conference Committee today by Guildford Liberal Democrats who are kindly sponsoring it. This now means that the FCC will formally consider whether to allow the amendment to be placed on the agenda for the debate on the original motion itself. Under the circumstances, I can't see any grounds for blocking a debate on an amendment so that stage should be something of a formality.

For those interested, here's what the motion would look like if the amendment were passed by conference.

The other bit of good news is that another amendment to the motion has been submitted. I knew nothing about this one until today but it seems to have almost identical intentions to the amendment Sophie and I have written. Now, this does mean that the two amendments could potentially clash with each other, so I'm speaking to the people behind the other amendment to try and resolve the situation, but the great thing is that other people cared enough about the motion to try and strengthen it with an amendment. And the truly awesome part is that one of the people behind the other amendment is Dr Evan Harris, a former Lib Dem MP and all round good guy who has been incredibly effective at fighting the bad things the tories have been trying to do in the coalition such as the NHS reforms. And, given that he's behind the amendment, then he must also support the motion as well! As such, this means that we finally have a "big beast" on our side - exactly the kind of thing that greatly strengthens the chance of a motion being passed!


  1. Good pleased at a result. I hope despite the line of the news and nick clegg telling libs to vote with the govt for the sake of being in power. The lob dems/liberals/whigs were formed as a conscience against the divine right to rule conservatives. I wish they would remember their heritage. Gladstone would be turning in his grave with embarrasment.

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    Counting the Disabled Back In

  2. Well done Sue, very proud of you!

  3. well done to all lets hope it works out in our favour

  4. It is indeed something and sue you as always my dear are a star but my points made in this blog

    are crucial if we are to have a successful outcome

    It dosent matter who gets up to speak on our behalf it will only be judged like in history on it's delivery which makes an impact any other alternative however well meaning will fail
    trust me

  5. This is wonderful news!

    But I fear a Faustian bargain may be required in that dark “other place” and best supped with a long spoon

  6. Hat raised to George, again. That man is a real star, working tirelessly for good.

  7. even if the lords dismiss the bill it can still be passed if majority of mp's vote it through, what the hell aree we bothering for, im ashamed to be ENGLISH

  8. What an excellent blog! Good luck to George and all like minded souls.
    I have recently been working on a review of suicide prevention policies within the NHS and am increasingly frustrated that being put through the DWP procedures is not seen as a major risk factor, for many but particularly those with mental health problems,

    Having been through the system myself I am only too aware of the stress placed on the individual in this situation.

    Good luck to you all, if you can succeed it will save the me from having to say " I told you so" in 18 months time to the people who currently believe that ATOS is a caring, compassionate health care organisation, and that the government really is just weeding out 'scroungers'