Tuesday 27 September 2011

Labour Conference, Monday

I've thought and thought about what to write, but so far, all I can really say is this. on every issue. From every debate I've been too.

I just hope it changes today with Ed's speech.


  1. Hope it's more of a "Bridge Over Troubled Water" today!

  2. Thanks for making the effort to get to the conference, as I know it must have been a great physical effort. Maybe someone you talked to may have really listened and not just heard background noise.
    Angela aka onmybiketoo

  3. Sadly eloquent.
    I can but hope it isn't as bad as you fear.

  4. It makes me so sad - I had the BBC parliament show on of the conference and yes a lot of hot air generated, but the silnece is defening. I hope it does change today I really do..im not convinced

  5. I feel your pain and the silence is hurtfully deafening

  6. Well again we now know labour wants to have people in jobs to get priority in council housing.

    So not so great if your disabled or born disabled, already Labour Wales have stated housing is Devolved.

    I mean the statement on welfare yesterday was shocking, if you cannot work then labour will look after you, if your too disabled to work labours the party for you.

    Ah and whom brought in the WCA.

    It's not going well for Labour, I think the slope is made even slippier as we hear Blair is giving advice to Cameron.

  7. Like the song but have you heard the one by Nick Drake, Black Eyed Dog its kinda well how the vast majority of disabled people are thinking at the moment. Its not going to happen folks Labour just the same we are just to much of a burden on the system. Saw my nurses to days and they both said how awful i looked further questioning from them said i ought to see the doctor or someone about the thoughts i have been having. Not going to do it though just going to slip quietly away. How sad that after 48yrs it has come to this, god how i wish my Mom was here so i could speak to het and get some sense.

  8. The BAE ex employers are going to be shocked that they have now joined the ranks of the workshy scroungers this stress will make some sick and disabled who will then be called benefit scum.

  9. Ah yes but these people are middle class so labour will call them the lost souls of the Labour movement

  10. It's all very tragically sad not only are the politicians to blame but sadly the ordinary person is to blame they after all showed their selfish card at the last election by voting conservative and with labour having grown away from it's roots left some of the population in a dilemma

    The bottom line for any government in the world is to make sure that the sick and disabled live out the fullest of lives possible free of stress and worry and that they are properly cared for at all times these are not just my values they are our values by and large they always have been and people like me will always believe in these values as without them you don't have a country at all you are a country of nothing and will invariably end up with nothing

    If i spoke at the labour conference today on what my values were there is no doubt that my speech would have outshone that of Ed's and by a long margin

    I do believe however that i am not the only person in the UK that can deliver a speech that everyone is in Orr of and i just have to hope and pray like we all do that someone somewhere in time will be able to stand up and address the conference in a way that putt's the values of the sick and disabled above all else

  11. It does not matter who you vote for or even if you do not vote at all you still get conservative.
    You do not get to choose the PM or who represents you in government example for the sick and disabled.
    The people are never consulted or given a choice on important matters like going to war or on spending large amounts of our money on high risk projects before the basic needs of the people have been met. Or on if we want national industries privatised or if we happy to allow house prices to rise 800% knowing that this is unsustainable.
    Or the Bretton Woods system
    On August 15, 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the dollar to gold. As a result, "[t]he Bretton Woods system officially ended and the dollar became fully 'fiat currency,' backed by nothing but the promise of the federal government."[1] This action, referred to as the Nixon shock, created the situation in which the United States dollar became the sole backing of currencies and a reserve currency for the member states.

  12. Ed, your speech today was little more than a rewrite of your hugely offensive 'responsibility' speech. I was really hoping that you'd win me over, but you didn't. Your speech sounded like it could have been written by Glasman. Blue Labour is poison.

    I deeply regret having supported your bid to be Labour leader. You are dragging the party down. and making certain that the members Labour gained will abandon the party because of you.

    We need a new leader as soon as possible.
    Someone who actually has Labour values.
    Someone who will fight for the poor and the unfortunate.
    Someone who is the oppoosite of you.

  13. Their you go, on this morning show he made this statement.

    "Welfare must change we know that, because of the Banking crises."

    Nothing more to say we are paying the cost of the Banking crises.

    I said the same thing on Labour list and got my self kicked off banned for being anti labour to much.

    Which I think shows labour are worried about Miliband, I also notice Miliband has got another problem he's got a smile which he switches on and off when people ask him questions he does not like, and it looks like Brown.

    But we know now that Banking crises means cut to welfare. I think that says it all.

  14. Neoliberalism is a term describing a market-driven[1] approach to economic and social policy based on neoclassical theories of economics that stresses the efficiency of private enterprise, liberalized trade and relatively open markets, and therefore seeks to maximize the role of the private sector in determining the political and economic priorities of the state.
    The term "neoliberalism" has also come into wide use in cultural studies to describe an internationally prevailing ideological paradigm that leads to social, cultural, and political practices and policies that use the language of markets, efficiency, consumer choice, transactional thinking and individual autonomy to shift risk from governments and corporations onto individuals and to extend this kind of market logic into the realm of social and affective relationships.[4]

  15. I wilki says a lot here is another lie.

    Throughout its history, the Labour Party has usually been thought of as being left wing or centre-left in its politics. Officially, it has maintained the stance of being a socialist party ever since its inception, currently describing itself as a "democratic socialist party".[6] The party has been described as a broad church,[7] containing a diversity of ideological trends from strongly socialist, to more moderately social democratic, and in recent years pro-market tendencies.[8] Throughout its history, it has been criticised by other leftist commentators and historians for not being truly socialist in its policies, instead supporting anti-socialist stances such as capitalism and neo-colonialism and has been described as a "capitalist workers' party".[9]

    The see Miliband speech to see it's moving fast to the right.

  16. Social engineering is indeed powerful, anyone for a sound bite or some spin doctoring? A little media hype maybe while you read the latest laws or bills or acts’ to control or criminalise you and paid for by you?
    Have a nice day!

  17. I have listened to the speeches. Read the reviews/reports on them. Looked and looked for the Labour Party I once loved. The party of ordinairy people (which includes the sick, the disabled, the unemployed). I searched for a touch of understanding, a ray of compassion. I cried myself to sleep. Even more fearful of the future than I was the day before. There is to be no respite. No comfort. No safety. Only more of the same in a different colour.

  18. Well they are paid by tax payers this does not mean of course all tax payers since we still have the biggest number of Non Dom's in the EU.

    Labour had a number made into Lords due we are told to their great benefits to charities, did not know donations to labour were classed as charities. Lord Paul was a good one, he earned more then he gave working for labour then took from his expenses, but he's rich so did not go to jail.

    Time for everyone to pay their share in tax.

  19. Every speaker at the Labour Conference is saying the same thing – horror and cuts.

  20. I have always known having worked in the bank of England and in my very young years how politicians operate and how they think irrespective of political party and have also known many in my time and along with those in the House of Lords

    Personally I have always found them to be odd some in more ways than one they invariably sound educated but when pressed on something deep they then seem to be at a loss and have to back track which I always found odd they could never ever give a straight answer to a question they also had a tendency to always look at you as why are you questioning me like this
    As for ever voting at an election I never did as I truly believe that you should only ever vote for someone like myself who is man of honesty and integrity there can be know shortcomings as it’s crucial as a leader to have those qualities and regretfully I never found that in any of the prime ministers in where I could vote since 1974
    What we have today like in the past are leaders who have been chosen by their political party and not be the people which would make a hell of a lot of difference in the way this country is run

    As that will never change you will always end up with maybe the right party but then have the wrong leader and on that basis you have a very flawed system and therefore I’m out
    Only a very evil way of thinking from an early childhood with parents also of the same mind would you get to the position we have today in where you would cut from a sick or disabled person whose life was already in tatters that can never be right under any circumstance's

    Hitler was never right in where he attacked the Jews and David Cameron is also not right for making the lives of sick and disabled people worse than they already are
    For Ed he too is not right his parents fled the Nazis so you would have thought that of all people the sick and disabled would be safe with him sadly not

    Now you know why I have never voted and never will do as I have been very close to these types of people and the last thing I would ever do and that would be to vote for them and there is no way they could ever win me over and they wouldn’t even try as they would know it would be a lost cause

    I do regret going in to the bank of England at the age of 18 and realize I made a fatal error as I should have gone into politics but these things happen when you’re young I also rejected an offer from the queen at the time to work at Buckingham palace

    The main reason I chose the bank was to follow my father there who had just retired and at the time it was I believe the right call but 37 years on I can now see I was wrong but as said these things happen and now the sick and disabled have to pay the price and that includes me

  21. What percentage of politicians comes from the ranks of lawyers, accountants and the privileged wealthy? These qualities do not necessary make the best leaders or people representatives.

  22. Ed Miliband invites hard questions

    A young woman asked about help for disabled people. His reply began: "I was at a door, I knocked on it – I have to give you my impression – and he had had a job and he was incapacitated and I'm not going into that, but I met his nextdoor neighbours … but tackling abuse of the benefit system is a fundamentally Labour thing to do …"

  23. E'd speech was to convince us that he would support the 'squeezed middle' but the reality is that wont happen the much wider problem is Greece who for the next ten years like the sick and disabled in the UK will be paying the overall price and whose standard of living which is already low will be at rock bottom so what will it mean ?
    What it will mean is that the sick and disabled wont be able to afford to go out at all other then to do basic shopping if their lucky for most they will have to stay housebound and the same for the people of Greece

    If Greece bails out of the EU as i would suspect they will then we could find ourselves here with a very severe banking crises that will hit not only the sick and disabled but also the middle classes as well and they to like the middle classes in Greece will have to remain at home and not got out and spend for the very simple reason there will be no money left for the average person to spend

    The UK over the next ten years is not the place to live and that's a fact and for those fit and well there best bet is to move out to a country outside of the EU LIKE AUSTRALIA CANADA OR ONE OF THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS
    It may not sound ideal but it probably is your best bet if your able as staying here in the UK isn't really viable

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrL6IhVKQGw&feature=related

  25. I think we will have to leave it to sue with her overview on how this conference went and if things are ever likely to improve or not ?

  26. Well you better be fit and healthy then or working disabled, because none of these countries will take a disabled person unless you have the money to live off. The UK and I know many will not like this has been an open door to anyone, we allow a person into this country because we say they would be abused in say Pakistan, then we allow in his whole family, this was fine after the war because we needed the people to work to help rebuild the UK.

    Now of course we do not need them nurses are well paid so are mainly now from the UK, doctors we have to many now so we do not need them from abroad, yet the Labour party decided by allowing people into this country they vote Labour, of course most had no idea how to vote or even bothered registering.

    Hence we now have all types of reforms from welfare to JSA to Council houses now only going to people in work.

    I will agree we are now the kicking boards of all political parties nothing knew Germany had it Jews the UK has it's disabled.

  27. I agree with Robert
    We are now in the Narcissistic Age

  28. Narcissism as in the labour party, yep no doubt.