Friday 23 September 2011

Madness of Being

One more sleep til Labour conference. 

BBC thing done? Check.
Ch4 thing done? Check. 
Phone repaired? exhaust mended? Check.
Shoes that aren't falling apart? Check. 
Cross bench Lords campaign posted? Check. 
Clause 52 launched as an issue? Check. 
Childcare arranged? Check
Meds all up to date?...... erm..... I'll get back to you.
Exhaustion? Beyond hideous. 
Arrangements in place to try to raise disability issues at conference? Check
Homelessness averted? Check (ish)
Forms completed for new House? Check
DLA appeal arranged? Check
Housing benefit forms on order? Check. 

This is madness. Sheer madness. My life has become a farce. Like someone is writing its script from some James Bond Villain bunker, mwahahahaha-ing to himself. 

Oh well, see you all at conference (if you're going) 

If not, and I can make my exhausted fingers type, I'll try to keep you all posted. I will be lobbying, cajoling, flirting and generally using anything at my disposal to raise sickness and disability issues with those that ought to listen. 

Wish me luck and a whole cutlery drawer of extra spoons!**


  1. Good luck! Please don't kill yourself, or even hospitalise yourself, with the effort!

  2. Give 'em hell.

  3. Good luck!
    Tell them to separate into two parties – old and new Labour so that we know what we voting for. That’s if we vote at all now.

  4. If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure you'll get the Sainthood. All flippancy aside, speaking for myself anyway, the work you're doing on behalf of us all is so very much appreciated.

  5. Good luck, Sue! Bash the neoliberals ;)

  6. Good luck! If you want a bit of quiet time away from the crowds do get in touch though not sure how you could do that? Brain absent today - apologies! ;-)

  7. Just wanted to add my good luck wishes and my thanks for the work you do for us all. Xxx

  8. Spoons donated!! hope you have loads of energy and are in a more healthy phase - best of luck and thank you for your inspiring efforts :D xxxx

  9. [QUOTE]Penny said...

    Just wanted to add my good luck wishes and my thanks for the work you do for us all. Xxx[/QUOTE]

    Same here sue enjoy yourself if you can xxx