Friday 2 September 2011

Scrounger Cartoon

A brilliant cartoon courtesy of Jon Appleby - The Scrounger Wall built around the genuinely Sick and Disabled - Will you look beyond the government lies?

Click on the image to enlarge


  1. The image needs rotating (90deg anticlockwise).

  2. Clearly I was too un-techy to do that, hence it being on it's side!! It took me three months just to get it from a PDF to a format I could post here!!

  3. Is this whats its coming to now!!
    Fully understand the picture, but it should not be happening in this day and age.
    The picture should if possible be put up on billboards for all to see.

  4. They have made a desert - and called it Peace. - Tacitus

  5. or they could always put a picture of me up on the billboards to prove nothing has changed since the war

  6. Is that really you fourbanks? which one?

  7. You can take your pick sue i look like all of them in body sad to say. You should have seen my mp's face when he first met me that was a terrible shock for him hence he dident stay long and is never coming back but we do speak by phone now and then but he prefers emails only

    The DWP pay me money and in return i have to tread a fine line
    I said to him do you think David Cameron would ever come over to offer some guidance on how the DWP treat me and he said "no way"
    I throught that would be the answer

  8. I have got the whole thing sussed out with the DWP and with my body as it is and has been for 30 years lets just say that despite the way the DWP have treated me they have yet to kill me off which if i say so myself is indeed miraculous from my angle

    But i am however deeply concerned about the many others in society that have died over the years by the treatment of the DWP and were not so lucky AND THAT I REGRET TO SAY HAUNTS ME EVERY DAY

    I know i shouldn't get involved but i have and theirs no going back we are where we are and if people know of my ongoing battles with the DWP and my survival it may give some hope to others

    Having said that i have lost 30 years of my life and their is a element of bitterness within me and will probably always be there all i can do is hope and pray for god's guidance in my prayers

    I do have a strong faith in god and i do feel his presence around me at times and that is a blessing as the fight is not yet over and may never be over for some like myself

    I also believe that god works in mysterious ways and that he and he alone will serve any penalties on those that mistreat the sick and disabled

  9. Ive lost 7stone since i got ill. But they still look at me like i am scum. And now i feel i am scum. Worthless and in fear of everyone. They look at me like a tiny mouse who should be cared for but then they bite their lip and look away.