Thursday 8 September 2011

Funds already in place to go ahead with time limiting ESA

This from the Disability Alliance shows the utter arrogance of parliament in 2011. Just as NHS reform plans are already going ahead before the vote, so welfare reforms are being pushed through before the democratic process has completed.


Welfare Reform Bill (Employment and Support Allowance - Time Limiting - Contingency Fund Advance)

7 September 2011
The Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions (Chris Grayling): As part of his Spending Review announcement, the Chancellor set out his proposal to introduce a time limit of 1 year for those claiming contributory Employment and Support Allowance who are in the Work Related Activity Group. The change will, subject to the passage of the enabling legislation, apply from April 2012. For those in the Work Related Activity Group who have already received a year or more contributory Employment and Support Allowance as at April 2012, entitlement will cease immediately.
In order to avoid delay in implementing this policy the Department for Work and Pensions has obtained approval for an advance from the Contingencies Fund of £2,705,000 to allow for the development of IT, ensure those potentially impacted by the time limit in April 2012 are notified of the change and to deliver the operational support that will be required before Royal Assent of the enabling legislation.
Parliamentary approval for resources of £2,705,000 for this new service will be sought in a Supplementary Estimate for the Department of Work and Pensions. Pending that approval, urgent expenditure estimated at £2,705,000 will be met by repayable cash advances from the Contingencies Fund. 
 DA says: this decision will end all out of work benefits for over 400,000 disabled people – including people with cancer. The Government is denying the House of Lords a chance to scrutinise and vote on this proposal in the Welfare Reform Bill before prematurely telling disabled people their support could end in six months."

I'd just like to say : Over my dead body!!!!
(Which is clearly a possibility)


  1. it will be over a lot of dead people's body's.
    What has happened to our society, more to the fact the lack of understanding.
    I fear the worst now even though the HOL has not even passed judgement on the bill.
    what are we all to do if this happens will the Govt be taken to court

  2. *shoots self in head*
    There, that'll save them a stamp.
    Would probably still be found fit for work if I managed to pull the trigger.

  3. It is illegal. How can they stop someone's benefit retrospectively? When the people were receiving that benefit it wasn't written in law UP TO April 2012 so surely the people who would be stopped the benefit should be FROM April 2012 to April 2013. One cannot apply a law retrospectively. That is...unless you are this government - if that's what you can call them. They are a total disgrace!

  4. The night of the long spoons is at hand.

  5. Night of the long spoons!! LMAO

  6. As i have kept saying this government will kill off as many people as possible and i know how hard sue has worked and remained positive and has done her best to get others like myself on board

    I myself KNOW how the government works and they don't work like you are i think in fact they work in the opposite direction which has led me to be outspoken at times and i dare say through my negative input have upset a few here in which i regret

    The facts are and have always been in that i have the insight of how the government works and regretfully everyone else here does not hence their is a difference of opinion and direction on how things ARE going to work out as opposed to what the readers to this blog would like

    My personal view has always been and will remain the same irrespective of what is said in a blog or on the bbc news

    Many thousands of sick and disabled people will suffer in the future that is a 100% fact and is not open to negotiation the government will stand firm irrespective of the pain and anxiety and death that will fall on to the sick and disabled that is assured trust me

    9/11 showed that evil intent towards innocent people was still alive in the world and ten years on nothing has changed and today in the uk that evilness is still their handed out by men of power and wealth

    Mostly all governments of the world despise the sick and disabled and in private i personally believe would have us all killed if they could get away with it

    The pain and suffering of the long term sick and disabled is very hard on all of our friends and families and that will continue for years to come until our death

    My only wish is that i myself had been part of of the great fire service of new York and played a part on that dreadful day on 9/11 in which i had saved lives my death would not have been in vein as it stands today on my death i have nothing to show for a lifetime except 30 years of battles with the DWP and that is probably with my mindset my biggest failure

  7. here i stand with head in hand turn my face to the wall, great lyrics. sums up the feelings of most people.

  8. Things are not that bad. Our government has one of the lowest crime rates of any western power!
    'Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it wrongly, and applying unsuitable remedies'.

  9. Once again democracy is the loser here and its no surprise that its happening.Labour would have been no better and there is the real truth.No government gives a toss about the sick and disabled or indeed any voter who is not a banker or industrialist.And as for the comments above open you bloody eyes.
    Where is the 2.7 million coming from YES public funds .OUR money not thiers OURS after all even the sick and disabled pay taxes (before the one above comments) and most have paid all forms of taxes so we are feeding the hand that bites.Another thing on the lost democracy front is no government has the moral authority to pre emt a vote in parliment or has the moral authority to change any bill to adversley affect its people.To let them do this is the road to dictatorship.Anyone remember the german model.We have to fight this all the way

  10. I admire Sue's "never say die fight till the end attitude" but I also think fourbanks is right, I feel the cards are completely stacked against us and there is no way we can effectively fight back.

    I believe like fourbanks that the capitalists have decided like the Nazis to get rid of the useless eaters, except they don't even have the decency to just kill us outright, they have in mind for us to starve to death from lack of money. It was the capitalists who bankrolled Hitler so we know they are more than capable of anything. I feel completely hopeless at the moment and very alone.

    I don't believe the British people will care when we start dying from neglect because the media has demonised us so much and I don't believe the media will report it. I don't believe we live in a democracy, I don't think it ever was a democracy.

    I feel like we are going to lose this battle but I suppose we should go down fighting at least you have a chance however small if we fight to the end, but I have no idea of an effective way to do so.

  11. Robert see my posts in the article above this one....

  12. Just like to point this out: I was recently speaking with my local MP about this, he already thinks the Welfare Reform Bill is an Act. God help us all.....

  13. Well he is truly truly an idiot .This is what we are up against .Why is he there he aint paying attention is he.WE have lobbyist disguised as thinktanks(see polly toynbee in todays guardian for an excellent article on how they push corporate interests on parliment) and they are a HUGE part of the problem.Non accountable in terms of who funds them they ride roughshod over the very people who bloody fund parliment,namely us, and they are killing democracy ,OUR democracy that we all pay for ,in order to further the aims of corporate piracy and banking interests.
    Again the poorest suffer far more than those who are wealthy and the socila fabric will un pick and we will lose a whole generation to this greed and then we will see the true price paid by us all and it will be a very very expensive bill and whats more we are letting them do it...Like i said we need to fight back and lobby for ourselves .Read polly toynbee on line and maybe george monbiot too and see what you think.