Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who cares about Rebekah Wade's job?

Our media have allegedly stooped to a new low of disgusting corruption - a low that is universally condemned.

So what is the story today? Will Rebekah Wade keep her job!!

Who cares? If she goes, another cut-throat, immoral, lying News Corp clone will take her place. How convenient that we're all sitting around debating her great big pay check and whether she'll lose it in favour of a huge golden handshake, rather than discussing how we can control the out-of-control power of a few men who own half the world's media?

Will anyone honestly remember Ms Wade in a year or two? Will they even remember this scandal? No.

Will they still be controlled by Mr Murdoch and the few eye-wateringly powerful men like him? Yes.

Will he still be able to print pretty much what he likes, deciding the outcome of elections and political policies around the world? Yes.

Will there be a new set of editor-vipers and journo-terrorists and detectives dreaming up even sicker ways of getting the next big story? Yes.

I really wish that today, we were talking about how we stop this, how we make sure something like it never happens again and how we think about limiting the power of unelected media-moguls.


  1. The problem is the same as always. Slimy politicians and a lazy, unthinking public. And by unthinking, I mean stupid.

    Is there any aspect of our society that isn't utterly corrupt? Despair.

  2. For what it's worth, I think the most effective way to limit the power of media moguls is, strangely enough, to have more of them. Dilute their influence. The rise of social media may go a small way, but the industry of broadcast and print media is still dominant and controlled by too few people. If a dozen or so of the better quality blogs could reach an audience comparable to that of the NOTW or The Times, then it'd be a step forward.

  3. Well, here is a way to at least have a damn good try at stopping him Sue!

    Avaaz are powerful they have 9,535,416 members worldwide and have stopped many awful things in the past, so we need as many people as possible to sign this petition! It is people power at its best. Tweet it, email it, text it, whatever, but sign and ask everyone you know to sign too.


    3 days to stop Murdoch's media takeover.

  4. It takes a lot to make me scared this makes me scared.
    I know this is off topic but it is so serious and has been quietly happening here everyone should know about it.
    If you want to know exactly what those secret toxic chemicals are and what harm they do look here they are all listed. It is also happening in the USA

  5. I've been following this all day and a bit of last night and I don't see how demanding Brooks' job is contradictory to campaigning against general media excess.

    There is an issue of responsibility here and if you remember the NI papers' demands that Sharon Shoesmith takes responsibility for Baby P? Is it unreasonable to expect that Brooks is responsible for the phone hacking that went on when she was editor?

    Demanding wider media responsibility isn't contradictory to expecting past perpetrators to fess up.

  6. Murdoch is only a cover . I think for example that The Sun and Daily Mail are controlled by few very rich financers that very probably have also the control of big shares of Atos and Unum . It would be nice that the sick and disabled organize protests near their big villas because these persons have a precise name and surname .

  7. I find it confusing when high profile people change their names, but of course people should have the freedom to do so. Wade, Brooks, still the distinctive spelling of Rebekah and the shock of pre-Raphaelite ginger hair. I have had negative views about the Murdoch Empire for a long time, so it is quite nice to find almost the entire country agreeing with me.

  8. David Cameron and I've said all along is a bad leader he's had to you turn on all polices except when dealing with the sick and disabled whose lives are blighted in various ways at this time with the treatment that they are getting

    I myself get appalling treatment thrown my way to complexed to explain here and i know of many others in the same boat

    If David Cameron was the real deal he would have sorted my concern out months ago so what has he done for me nothing that's right absolutely nothing

    If i get lucky David Cameron will get thrown out some will say because of his involvement with Rupert Murdock and co

    But i would like him to go because of all people he has failed in his duty to protect the vulnerable in our society that to me is his biggest crime of all
    especially as he had a disabled son

    If he does go i just hope he takes all his extreme right wing friends with him
    but they wont be many conservatives left i hear you say ?

    True their wont but what will be left will good and decent